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The Client

Remitsy offers businesses the cheapest and fastest way to make payments to China in CNY. Remitsy uses Bitcoin to make the transactions fast, cheap and reliable.

The Challenge

Remitsy wanted to quickly start the project with a long list of constraints including security, legal and technical aspects. Another challenge was to integrate all the legal and security issues into a usable interface. On the other hand the service did not have a direct competitor, so we had a lot of freedom when it comes to the design.


Quick Development and the Interface

Each time we face a tight timeframe, we thank ourselves for the hard work and engagement we invest in perfecting our processes on a daily basis. Thanks to them, we were able to smoothly go through the design and development phases. Our approach helped to kickstart and deliver the first working version really fast.

Integrating legal and security issues into a usable interface was not a piece of cake. We managed that because we invested in user experience at the very beginning. Thanks to that, the design itself went in accordance with the plan.

Neil_Woodfine_Remitsy NEIL WOODFINE Founder of Remitsy We worked with a highly skilled team that produced some excellent development work well within estimated timeframes and budget. Communication was smooth and, as two non-technical founders, we really appreciated the advice on solving some of the more difficult problems. We were especially pleased with the design work. Our designer had a keen sense of aesthetics and perfectly captured the clean, airy look we were looking for.