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What we offer

Self-growth budget

We offer a self-growth budget you can spend on developing the skills of your choosing. It includes courses, conferences, and anything else you can think of that can help you become better.


Transparent salary system

We have a Salary System that is equal for all tech teams. Thanks to that, we don’t talk about salaries as something between the company and particular people, and we can start talking about a system in which everyone partakes.



You choose your working hours. As long as you and your team are in sync and happy with the results, it’s up to you to organize your work.

Remote & office available

We offer fully remote positions, but our office stays open for everyone who needs it. It’s all a matter of your preference.


Health insurance & benefits

We give you a private health insurance package and your usual wellness benefits: Multisport Card Plus.


Hardware of your choice

We know the value of a good setup. We work on the newest Macbooks Airs & Pros, but in case you need a highly customized machine to fit your needs and preferences, we are able to co-finance it.



Working at EL Passion means you have a tangible impact on the company; you can participate in shaping our vision, our strategy, and our activities.


We hold Hackathons twice a year. It’s your time to experiment, learn and share knowledge.

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Joanna Luczak EL Passion
Tomek Koszyk EL Passion

Transparent career path

We will help you transform your ideas into tangible product features and align them to your users’ needs.


You get a chance to develop apps with the assistance of your mentor and the rest of the team. It’s a great opportunity to observe the work of experienced development teams and gain practical skills.


You have already mastered the basics of your preferred programming langage. You join commercial projects and share tasks from the backlog with your teammates. You also get extensive code reviews for all your written code so you can be sure you’re making progress.


You work mostly independently, but never alone. You know how to write well-tested & clean code using more advanced design patterns. You already have some experience in SCRUM. You're a vital member in your project team and start building your own opinions on development and the authority to defend them. You share knowledge with less proficient team members.


You are the go-to guy for your Junior colleagues. You stand guard over good programming practices and are able to well substantiate your technological choices for a project. Your code is architecturally sound and you demonstrate an advanced knowledge of technological solutions. You know how to handle technological debt and you advise credibly in difficult project situations.

Mentor/Tech Leader

You demonstrate the interpersonal qualities that make it natural for you to work with people. You care about the wellbeing and professional development of your teammates. You support them in learning to work together and in developing their client-side manner. This role is only elected internally, it’s not attainable through external recruitment.


Your skills are highly advanced and your angle is mostly technology-focused. You set the tone as far as new programming languages, frameworks, tools and practices. You are capable of quickly entering any ongoing project and help out when others get stuck. You are also your team’s source of knowledge and inspiration.

Culture Book

Dive into our culture and see how EL Passioners themselves describe what it is like to work at EL Passion.

See our culture book
Self-managing teams at EL Passion

Self-managing Teams: Benefits, Challenges, and Our Strategy

We've introduced self-management in our teams. See how we're doing.

Working at EL Passion means

Agile & SCRUM

We're an Agile company and we work according to SCRUM on a daily basis - internally and with our clients on projects.

Self-managing dev teams

Our developers work in self-managing teams to ensure their independence, faster decision-making process, and individual & teams’ development and satisfaction.

We develop new features

90% of the work we focuses on creating new products or enhancing the already existing ones, not maintenance.

Feedback culture

We hold feedback sessions every 3 months so you can discuss your progress and Career Path directly with your Team Lead or Manager.

Choose your tech

You can choose the technology you want to get proficient in to develop your projects. We always support you on the road to become a full-stack developer.

Knowledge sharing

We catch up on weekly & bi-weekly internal meetings to exchange ideas and share what we’ve learnt.

Quality Assurance

TDD, BDD, Integration tests, Unit tests, CI, CD

Integration budget

Working in a hybrid model doesn’t mean we don’t meet up. Every team can use their integration budget to their liking.


We grow in a transparent way, everyone at the company has insight into what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. and can track theongoing changes.