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Mobile App Development

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iOS App Development

We build solid native iOS apps in Swift. Engaging apps are the key to meeting your users’ needs on their iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. Our mobile app development team will help you reach a larger audience and craft the best iOS experience with:

  • Native iOS development
  • In-house iOS app design
  • Early launch and frequent deployments

Android App Development

Reach more than 2 billion Android users with an application made for smartphones, tablets and wearables. From the very first release of your product, our automated test-suite keeps it bug-free. Our mobile app development team delivers your business values to Google Play Store through:

  • Native Android development
  • In-house Material app design
  • Early launch and frequent deployments

Flutter App Development

Flutter enables building and deployment of mobile apps with stunning UI and a single codebase that works for both iOS and Android platforms. It makes multi-platform app development fast and cost-effective, providing native user experience at the same time. Our mobile app development team delivers your business values through:

  • Native experience on iOS and Android from a single Flutter codebase
  • Early launch and frequent deployments
  • In-house iOS and Android teams to support custom integrations with the native platforms

React Native

Build a reliable app in a framework that was created and open sourced by Facebook. Using React Native for software development makes the process of releasing apps on two platforms quicker. It’s also a great tool for prototyping, meaning a much faster release for MVPs. We offer:

  • React Native development
  • In-house app design
  • Continuous delivery

Mobile App Design

Our mobile app development team provides everything you need to launch your mobile app. We start with wireframes and prototyping to ensure a great user experience followed by our UI designers creating the most eye-catching graphics for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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Agile Development Methods

We will discuss your product vision with you and together decide if we are a good fit for your project. If we are, we will send you an estimate for you to review. We will pick the right mobile app development team for you and start your project using Scrum – an Agile development process. Also, project facilitators are available to smoothen the development process from start to post-launch.

  1. Product vision
  2. Initial estimate
  3. Choosing a development team
  4. Choosing the right technologies
  5. Establish Scrum process
  6. Development in iterations

Meet Our Mobile App Development Team

With over 300 successful project launches, we’ve got the experience to deliver the results you want.

We have formalised best coding practices to ensure the scalability of your project. The code standards that all our developers adhere to are designed to allow your project to be scaled easily in the future - You will not have to make big changes in the code-base, to make big changes in the application.

Our team is passionate about creating high-quality products that will turn your idea into a scalable business.

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