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Your mobile app’s experience taken care of - from a concept to the finished product.

Build a mobile app that

Provides value to yous users

Mobile apps solve particular problems, and need to be scoped and scaled to fit the users’ needs.

Can be scaled efficiently

Taking care of your app’s infrastructure from the very beginning will allow

Can reduce your business costs

Plan your app’s development consciously to see costs decrease in the long-run.

Reinforces trust

Good app performance, usability and security choices can help you gain new customers and keep the loyal ones.

Improves customer retention & engagement

Drive your users’ engagement with a seamless and user-friendly mobile experience.

Builds lasting relationships

With a more user-tailored experience, you are able to build a loyal customer & user base.

Our mobile app development services

We understand that a mobile app is a benefit for your business.

Create a mobile app from scratch

We will help you plan, design and develop your mobile app to fit your business’ environment.

Enhance your existing app

We can take over your mobile app’s development and improve the features’ roadmap, user experience and performance.

Team extension for your internal team

Our Developers can jump into your project to support your internal mobile team.

Get a team with a full mobile app development expertise

Based on your specific business needs, we will always recommend a solution to go with.

React Native app development

React Native app development utilizes one code base for two platforms, iOS and Android. With cross-platform technologies, you are able to speed up your development and time-to-market. However, this requires a conscious approach, proper methodology, and experience in hybrid technologies.

Native iOS app development

Native iOS development helps you reach Apple users with a stable & seamless mobile experience, and benefit from iOS’s intuitive user experience, security and hardware integrations.
#xSwift #Objective-C.

Native Android app development

Native Android development gives you many opportunities to reach demanding Android users with an on-point and working product that takes full advantage of the OS features and integrations. However, the proliferation of hardware devices poses a challenge worth hiring a special and Senior enough team up for the task.
#Kotlin #Java

Progressive Web App development

PWAs are web apps that can behave like mobile native apps to some extent; e.g. send push notifications, gain access to OS hardware features, and give users OS-native experience.

Technologies & frameworks that power our development

React Native






Developing your mobile app with EL Passion means

Agile iterative approach

with a deliverable ready every sprint (1-2 weeks).

Continual communication with developers

to deliver the best product possible.

Quality Assurance

Automated testing, Code reviews, Pair-Programming, Continuous Integration & Deployment.


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The process of developing a mobile app

We will help you transform your ideas into tangible product features and align them to your users’ needs.

Design Strategy or Product Design Workshop

Product Scoping

UX/UI Design




For us working with EL Passion means to have a committed partner who is constantly proving to deliver a great mobile experience for the global market.

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Your go-to when it comes to questions on mobile app development.

When choosing a mobile app development company for your next project, it is important to remember your priorities for the app and the app development process.

If you are not a technical person and you don’t have expertise in mobile technologies, it is crucial to cooperate with a team you can trust. The most important quality of a mobile app development company is transparency. Search for companies and people who will not promise you things that are too good to be true, and will be honest about certain tech solutions’ constraints, as they are honest about their benefits.

An easy way to check a mobile app development company’s credibility is to have a call with one of the team’s Project Managers or Senior Developers to whom you can ask your questions.

Before engaging in negotiations with a mobile app development company, check out their past mobile projects, solutions they have been using, technologies they specialize in, and testimonials and reviews from past clients.

After deciding on the scope and backlog for your mobile app, we assign you a team of developers with a dedicated Project Manager to be in constant communication with you and the team. You are informed about every stage of the project and every developed feature. You can track the progress and address any issues in real-time, with limited risk of failure or miscommunication at the very end of the cooperation.

At the beginning of every project, we assign our DevOps to take care of the app’s infrastructure, and limit any technological and business risks that can pop up later in the development process.

Maybe it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

We’re available for new projects.

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