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Patient-centred apps

Patient-centred apps include telehealth, remote patient monitoring, but also fitness, wellness, and mental health apps. They all need intuitive UX & UI that's inclusive and accessible for all users' target groups, while offering stable features that work fast and are developed in the best-suited technology.

Apps for medical professionals

Apps for medical professionals include appointment & diagnostics management, remote patient monitoring (RPM), but also education and networking. They serve a totally different function compared to patient-centred apps, so their UX flows, language, and business logic priorities differ.

Apps for healthcare providers & clinics

Healthcare providers need all-inclusive solutions serving a wide variety of healthcare functions that guarantee interoperability and compatibility with either HIPPA or GDPR.

Building a custom medical navigation for cancer patients

In the midst of hospital havoc, we created a PWA app enabling patients find the right treatment and facility for their type of cancer. The goal was to show all possibilities in a clear and straightforward way so all users can understand and browse the app seamlessly and instinctively.

What a successful healthcare app needs?

Some elements of all healthcare apps are non-negotiable.

A clear & unique Value Proposition

The fundamental factor to designing the right application is to focus on solving the right problem. A team of software & User Experience experts is able to help you adjust your product to the market and your users' needs.

High-level security & Governmental compliance

Data security is imperative to any healthcare app. Patient records and confidential details are incredibly sensitive, so any digital health app should put security and Governmental compliance (HIPPA & GDPR) first. A good software partner will help you take care of the data security of your app.

Scalability potential

A small, better-targeted app solving one particular issue of the healthcare value chain can have more value for the end-user. But choosing the right tech stack and tools will increase your app's scalability potential and is likely to improve the development process later as you want to expand your product.

Stunning UI & accessibility considerations

By creating a healthcare app, you are not only creating a healthcare experience but also a digital experience. The laws of digital products are very much driven by customer experience (CX), and consumers are already used to some level of comfort.

What can we do for your app?

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UX Strategy

A team of experienced designers can help you transform your digital product idea into a coherent vision with clear-cut product goals at every stage of the design & development process. UX Strategy is a crucial element in the process of creating any digital product as it allows to align your product with users' needs and decide on the best and tangible product & business goals as well as any monetization plans.

UX & UI Design

We take your digital product idea and transform it into a working prototype. We test it with users to make sure it satisfies your users and your business goals. UX & UI Design done well helps you to drive user engagement and retention, shorten customer funnels, and improve ROI and conversion rates.

UX Audit

When you want to address issues within an existing product, but you struggle to pinpoint their exact reasons or establish their priority, consider a UX Audit. Experienced designers will dive into your product to elicit ready-to-implement insights you will benefit from, both for now and in the long run.


If you're looking for a development partner that can advise you on the technology, tools, third party integrations, and more, search no more. No matter if you're enhancing your already existing product or building a completely new one, we're up for the task.

Maintenance & further growth

The work does not stop after the product's development is finished. Every digital product needs to be maintained and updated to work in an ever-changing setting of its framework, integrations etc. We offer maintenance plans and can also expand your product further in the future.

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