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Our services: build, transform,
innovate your digital product

We have got your back: from the product’s ideation to its final delivery.

EL Passion design & development services

How we deliver?

We will help you transform your ideas into tangible product features and align them to your users’ needs.



Product Design

Continuous Delivery

Q/A Testing



DevOps services supported by an in-house development team

Our product team is supported by

Quality Assurance

  • Code reviews
  • Pair-Programming
  • Automatic static code analysis
  • Automated & Manual tests
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment

Project management

  • A fully cross-functional Agile team
  • Weekly / bi-weekly sprints always concluded with a demo-able deliverable
  • Your common tools to stay in-the-know: Slack, Jira, inVision

Agile Project Management

Maximizing your product delivery — all on budget and on time

Maybe it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

We’re available for new projects.

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