Agile Project Management Services

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Agile Project Management Services

With the right tools and methodologies, you are able to maximize your product delivery, on budget, and on time — thanks to the Agile Project Management services.

Agile Project Managers create tangible value for your project

Managing your Agile product development requires established processes, communication, and expertise to get it all going.

Agile approach

Our project teams have the expertise and a true passion for the Agile approach. We can work in a few different methodologies but prefer to make the framework work for us rather than mold everything to fit Scrum or Kanban. Agile Project Manager makes that decision after consulting with the team and Product Owner.

Connecting tech & business

Agile Project Managers support our Clients in defining and organizing the needs of stakeholders and end users. Setting goals, milestones, and checkpoints ensures tech & business aspects are aligned and working well together.

Transparency and communication

Agile Project Manager sets up and shares all the tools the team needs to use during a project. Our Clients get the same access to guarantee a good information flow and avoid bottlenecks. Regular meetings ensure everyone participating in the project is aligned and involved in finding the best solutions.

Risk management

Based on their experience on numerous projects, Agile Project Managers are able to anticipate blockers and problems along the process of software development and address them. Problem-solving is one of the essential qualities we look for in APMs.

Budget and time reports

Transparency is at the core of our company. Our team logs their time regularly, and Agile Project Manager tracks time usage and costs. Clients always have a clear view of the budget already spent and can make informed decisions about workload for the future.

Agile coaching and support

We understand that not everyone is an Agile expert. Not to worry - you don't have to be one. We have spent countless hours working in Agile, and we are here to help you through the process. All you need is a good understanding of your product and the end users' needs.


Agile frameworks to fit your needs

Our projects are always carried out according to the Agile methodology. However, we utilize different frameworks tailored to the client's needs to make the development process as efficient as possible.


Scrum is an agile framework used when the product vision is known and the Product Owner can define a backlog. What is unknown is how we will deliver value for the end users. Two-week iterations allow the team to observe the progress and give recommendations to the PO, who makes decisions on priorities.


Kanban maximizes the team's performance in a dynamic environment with not fully defined scope. The Product Owner must be involved in the daily standup sessions. The Kanban board helps visualize the tasks planned, in progress, and those stuck in a queue.


Scrumban is - as the name suggests - a mix of Scrum and Kanban. It uses an iterative approach with Kanban board's benefits. The Product Owner must have a long-term vision, but planning the sprints in advance is not always required.

They are professional in how they run the project. We have daily standups and they adapt quickly to our preferred methods or strategies. In that regard, they’ve been straightforward to work with compared to past vendors.



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Different roles for different needs

Depending on your project needs, our Agile Project Manager can support you in one of the following roles.


Present in all the projects run by EL Passion. They cover budget tracking, bookings, and communication with the client. The coordinator also makes sure that the team has suitable hardware and software tools to operate (Notion, Google Drive, Jira, Slack).

Agile Project Manager

Supports the team in all Agile-related meetings, eliminates obstacles, and ensures great communication in the team. If the Scrum framework is chosen, APM fulfills the role of Scrum Master and takes care of the ceremonies and artifacts.

Proxy Product Owner

This is the most involved of the roles. Proxy PO represents the Product Owner in the day-to-day aspects of a project: assists in the User Stories creation, manages backlog, and helps with preparing work progress visualizations.

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All you wanted to know about Agile Project Management

Agile as an approach to software development assumes, most of all, that we are here to answer the end users' needs. This means that when there are doubts or problems, the budget is tight, or there's a looming deadline, we decide what to do by asking, 'what will bring the most value to the end user'?

We work in short, usually two-week cycles, which allows us to focus on the current requirements and react to changes in the dynamic business environment. During the cycle, we take care of continuous and transparent communication between the team and the client, who acts as the Product Owner (PO) for the project's duration. During each cycle, the PO joins the team for planning meetings to set priorities and demo meetings when the entire team presents the work results. Regular meetings help all team members align knowledge, prioritize, discuss risks, and share product knowledge.

Agile, as an iterative methodology, focuses on test-driven solutions and examining their adaptation by users. Unlike the Waterfall methodology, which is based on a rigid, long-term schedule, resistant to reacting to potential problems and challenges, we work iteratively, cycle by cycle.

At EL Passion Agile Project Manager (APM) is a person with the competencies of an IT Project Manager and experience in the use of Agile methodologies.

It is worth noting that not all Agile methodologies include the typical role of Project Manager, so you may encounter different terminology. For example, Scrum, in its theory, does not require the presence of a PM. Instead, there's a role of a Scrum Master who performs ceremonial functions but doesn't have to be involved in business decisions or technical recommendations.

At El Passion, we can adjust the scope of APM's work to the project's needs, bearing in mind being a support for the Product Owner. We have three main variants of APM roles, and you can read about them in the 'Different roles for different needs' section above.

According to the Agile methodology, but let's be honest - in all software development projects - it is necessary to designate the role of the Product Owner (PO). This person understands the business requirements, shareholders' expectations, the market, the budget, and the timeline.

At EL Passion, our processes are designed for the PO to be an integral part of the project team regardless of the experience. If you have worked on a project before, we give you the space to share your experience, but if you are new to the role, the team has enough knowledge to guide you through agile ways of working.