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Web Development Services

Stable and scalable web applications to build your competitive advantage


Modern web app development needs an innovative approach from your software development partner.

Web development services

covered from the beginning to the end by the top-class tech and business experts

Choose the best technology for your project

We will analyze your web app’s technical and business requirements and find the best-suited technology with our proven processes and agile project management.

Develop a web app from scratch

Our web development team will take your vision and transform it into a working & market-ready product that meets your tech & business goals.

Optimize or scale your app

Extend your app’s functionalities to fit your users’ needs and adjust your app’s performance to the latest standards and guidelines.

Maintain your web app’s legacy code

Proper app maintenance is one of the key factors to your app’s high user retention and satisfaction. We can maintain your codebase, fix bugs and, if possible, propose solutions to tweak your app’s performance.

Working with EL Passion means

A full product team onboard

UX designers, Product Designers, Agile Product Managers, Full-Stack Developers and DevOps to make your idea the best solution possible.

Stable application architecture

A well-developed architecture and documentation will save you time and money later.

Code optimization and code maintenance services

Top-class quality assurance & automated testing

Technologies that power our development




React Testing

Ruby & Ruby on Rails



6th Leading Web Development Company in Poland

4,8/5 on Clutch based on 40 client reviews

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Our web development technology stack

Front-end development

Front-end development is there to transform your web app designs into a working and user-friendly interface to attract your users on all screens, mobile and desktop.
Our Frontend team will take care of your app’s pixel-perfect implementation, responsive web design, performance, and usability
#React #Typescript #Javascript

Back-end development

Back-end development is crucial to ensure your app’s top performance. Our team will help you set up a stable and scalable infrastructure for your web app and create APIs from scratch to integrate your app with third-party solutions.
#Ruby #RubyOnRails #Node.js


Companies that trusted us


Self-managing Teams: Benefits, Challenges, and Our Strategy

Self-management is one of the key concepts in agile software development and agile project management.


Go with us for full product development or choose a service.

The first thing to consider when choosing a potential partner for your web app development is to check their tech stack, past web app projects they’ve been involved in, testimonials and reviews from past clients.

For many business people the key factor of a fruitful cooperation is trust. Search for companies and people who will not promise you things that are too good to be true, and will be honest about certain tech solutions’ constraints, as they are honest about their benefits.

An easy way to vet your web app development company and their credibility is usually a call with one of the team members, so you can ask questions,

Maybe it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

We’re available for new projects.

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