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Webflow Design & Development Services

Webflow is a no-code web tool that allows for building websites without the need to write custom code.

The low-code and no-code technology market is expected to grow from 25% of web coverage to 70%, according to a recent study from Gartner. Let’s jump on that train together.

Why Webflow?

Webflow includes a robust web design tool, built-in CMS, SSL, and hosting. It’s like WordPress, but without the headache of security vulnerabilities, coding, hosting, and constant plugin updates.


Webflow is a technology beloved by creative web designers and product owners, as it allows for creative freedom while maintaining code quality. Responsiveness, transitions, and dynamic content are all available out of the box.


No-code and low-code development costs a fraction of what businesses typically spend on custom code development or popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress. You can utilize the budget where it pays off - on an exceptional user experience.

One-click security and speed

The infrastructure complies with all key regulations in the US and Europe with fully encrypted databases and out-of-the-box free SSL certificates. Exceptional page speed is fuelled by clean code and 100+ datacenters and servers worldwide.

Full control of SEO

Through clean code, responsiveness, and SSL, Webflow sites are usually very easy to position in search engines. On top of that, you and your team have full control over all meta-data of the subpages without the need to involve a development team.

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Our Webflow Development Services

Webflow is a versatile tool that will help you achieve your goals fast and without writing a single line of code.

Multi-page company websites

With no-code design and CMS capabilities, both small and large companies can build a robust and beautiful website with great SEO, high page load speed, and flexibility to iterate daily.

Blogs and content-based sites

Whether it’s a blog, a small business offering service, or an online library of resources for a non-profit company, Webflow has got your back with the capability of building multiple CMS collections within one website, all without writing a line of code.

Knock-your-socks-off landing pages

Custom animations (including 3D transforms), Lottie integration, and the ability to use external libraries allow our team to build highly engaging web experiences that will take conversion and brand recognition to the next level.

Why Choose Webflow development with EL Passion?

Custom design and development

We do not build websites using ready-made templates. Our tailored approach integrates custom design and Webflow capabilities to bring your vision to life.

Fast setup and delivery

We will design and implement a simple, optimized, and responsive website within 21 days.

Optimized performance

We prioritize your website's performance, SEO, and accessibility, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Integrated CMS

With Webflow's CMS integrated into each project, you'll get the freedom to effortlessly edit content, adjust SEO settings, and add dynamic features like blog posts.

Award-winning Webflow experts

Our custom ITeracja podcast website has been recognized with Awwwards Honorable Mention. Our team consists of certified Webflow experts, designers, and front-end developers who will support you throughout the entire process.

Advanced customizations

Our frontend team can expand the website with completely custom solutions. From integration with an external CMS to custom video players, interactive maps, and more.

Client-First system

We use a client-first Webflow framework, which is a set of guidelines and strategies to deliver websites in an organized way. Websites built with Client-First system are significantly easier to update and mantain.

Seamless transition

We introduce our clients to Webflow CMS ensuring a smooth transition into a new system. If you need more guidance, we offer maintenance and WordPress migration packages.

With Webflow, we are able to launch your website in 3 weeks.

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The process behind our Webflow development services

See how we approach the Webflow design & development process at EL Passion.

Website design

We can design your new website from scratch or use an existing design file once it’s ready to be built.

Setup & onboarding

Setting up Webflow is a low effort, but we also onboard you to the tool, so that you learn throughout the process.

Iterative build

As we’re building components and pages on the staging server, you can populate the site with final content as we go. No need to wait for the full launch.

Custom technology

Certain features are not available out of the box. You can rely on us to find the right solution to integrate with or write custom code to plug in.

Quality Assurance

Our team, along with your help, tests the website’s functions to ensure smooth operation across different device sizes.

Launch time

Once we’re ready to launch, we transfer the project to your own Webflow hosting and help you publish the site under your custom domain.


When your website hits the real world, we can assist you with creating additional features and finishing touches.

What you can expect from our Webflow development services

See how we can help you with Webflow design & development.


During initial development, we provide you with a staging solution to test the site and populate it with final content. Once the project is ready to go, we simply transfer the site along with the whole CMS database to your account.

A low-maintenance live website

Webflow sites don’t require any updates, the technology is based on a minimal, integrated code base. We can assist you with further changes to the website’s design or settings. In case of (unlikely) technical issues, Webflow provides clients with customer support.

Empowered product owner

The website’s owner will be coached by us on how to efficiently add new content to the website or make small design changes themselves, without the need of hiring a developer for every small task.

We are ready for new challenges.

Let's build your next big thing together.

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All you wanted to know about Webflow Design & Development

Webflow provides all baseline security measures out of the box, without the need of additional work to implement them. All site plans include a free SSL certificate for all subpages and 24/7 hosting monitoring.
All plans include no-code automatic backups and versioning.
Stable hosting on Amazon’s servers (10bn pageviews per month) without data limits.
Out of the box anti-spam protection.
Out of the box malware scanning.
ISO 27001 (2020) - compliant data security measures.

The base web analytics metrics from Google’s Lighthouse skew towards Webflow in our tests. Many industry experts point out that Webflow is much faster to load than Wordpress sites.

Wordpress requires a lot of custom development work for customized page layouts and requires many plugins to extend the basic functionality. That in turn means that not only the Wordpress install, but albo all plugins need frequent updates that could potentially cause problems with the website.

Webflow allows for a lot of front-end customization out of the box and there are solid external tools to supercharge it if needed, that operate on a much more superficial layer of web, without changing the website’s core back-end code.

Webflow is a for-profit centralized technology, which means customer support in case of technical problems, which is not available with Wordpress.

Webflow has a much gentler learning curve, especially for non-technical people. Its code is easily exportable and clean in case you’d like to export the website, host it somewhere else or extend it’s functionality (it’s simple HTML, CSS and JS code). In contrast, a Wordpress site will always need to be maintained on a Wordpress install.

Yes, Webflow websites are scoring high in Google’s metrics, which means better SEO out of the box. Additionally, each subpage’s SEO attributes can be manually or automatically set in Webflow without the need of using external tools.

Many native Webflow components are accessible and there is a simple no-code way of improving accessibility of any component through custom attributes. Webflow’s code is highly semantic (it uses correct HTML tags, according to W3C recommendations), which is a massive advantage over solutions such as Wix.