Case Study: Unlocking The Power of a Remote UX Workshop

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      25 September 2020 (updated: 30 September 2020) by  EL Passion EL Passion

      See how we helped our client establish a viable and in-depth roadmap for their digital product. All in virtual collaboration. 

      What we achieved with a Remote Product Design Workshop

      1. Established a viable scope of the MVP,
      2. Split the product’s growth into actionable stages, 
      3. with the digital tools used we were able to boost the workshop efficiency & reduced time spent on technicalities

      The client

      Kinastic Coach promotes a holistic approach to fitness, where workout is merely a part of the equation of a much bigger picture.

      This virtual coaching assistant wants to take care of your well being, offering stress relief, nutritional advice and sharing knowledge about every little aspect affecting your lifestyle in the long run.

      Thanks to applied machine learning algorithms, kinastic Coach is able to direct your journey to better health and, thanks to available data, optimize it along the way. 

      The challenge

      kinastic Coach came to EL Passion with a big and thorough plan of revolutionizing the fitness & lifestyle app market.

      We needed to give this plan a tangible shape and separate it into relevant stages, supporting both the app’s future users and the client’s business goals. 


      An in-depth product roadmap and a quick MVP launch

      We split the kinastic Coach vision into three distinct stages of product development taking into account both, building and expanding value for the user and fulfilling necessary metrics from the business perspective. 

      We suggested moving advanced personalisation and automation features into the second phase of development for quicker MVP push into the market.

      A remote environment facilitated the workshop’s efficiency

      Conducting the workshop remotely allowed us to manipulate the app’s architecture elements easily and seamlessly in real time. We were able to dive deep into the functionalities thanks to this. 

      Time management: solved.

      Because remote workshopping is governed by slightly different rules, to eliminate the “remote meeting fatigue” we experimented with our approach switching between synchronous and asynchronous tasks for best brainstorm and best final workshop outcomes. 

      The well-structured workshop with EL Passion’s team gave us a valuable in-depth roadmap that we followed all the way through our app’s MVP launch. The professionalism and the critical-thinking mentality that the EL Passion’s team brought to the table, helped us visualise our priorities and goals in a manner that was easier to follow development-wise



      Head of Software @ kinastic Coach

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