Mobile App Development

beauty service app development

The Client

Lavito is the best place to find your beauty salon online. Using Lavito mobile and web apps clients can discover new cosmetic and hair styling services, read reviews and book appointments in salons.


The Challenge

Lavito wanted to kickstart the development and release the product really fast. They knew what they wanted: a fully-featured product rather than just the MVP.

At the same time, the company wanted to build an in-house mobile development team from zero to be able to scale the service independently.


Quick Release of the Beauty Mobile App

We quickly proposed streamlined app design and built a mobile team. As the speed was crucial, we put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right technology. We used Kotlin for Android as we learned it significantly speeds up the development. According to our internal tests, it expedites the development up to 30% in comparison to the pure Java + Android SDK approach. Thanks to that our team contributed to the release of 1.0 version in just 3 of months.

Along the development process Lavito started building its in-house mobile team. We collaborated with their new software devs as well as took care of project onboarding. When a fully-featured app was ready, the team was ready to take over further development and maintenance.

Przemyslaw_Jurek_Lavito PRZEMYSŁAW JUREK CEO EL Passion is a great team to work with. They are professional, reliable and very focused on delivering the business value. They are simply passionate about getting stuff done. This mindset allowed us to launch the complete product with just a couple of months of development and contributed to our market success.