Top 10 London Startups You Need to Follow in 2023

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      20 December 2022 (updated: 20 December 2022) by  Maria Pradiuszyk Maria Pradiuszyk

      London is a city fueled by business innovation and entrepreneurship. So it is no surprise that it’s one of the top 3 startup ecosystems in the world. See our top 10 London-based startups to watch in 2023.

      London is thriving with innovative startups revolutionizing the industries like insurance, entertainment, and healthcare. The UK government has helped support this growth by providing solutions like startup visas for entrepreneurs and lowering corporate taxes for research and development companies.

      Find out our selection of top 10 the most interesting London startups, so you can follow them in 2023.


      Kyra, a creator economy startup connecting companies and content creators, has raised £13.3M series A led by Bonnier Ventures. The new financing allows Kyra to build and launch Kyra Platform, a marketplace for brands to find TikTok creators on demand. On the creators' side, the platform will give them access to instant payments and a variety of brand deals.

      Founded in 2017 by Devran Amaratunga Karaca and Nicholas Dart, Kyra encompasses Kyra Originals - originally produced TikTok channels reaching more than 13M monthly viewers; Kyra Profile, a creator incubator program and Kyra Studios, a production studio. Over the last year, the brand has paid the creators over £5M across 300 partnerships.

      Five Lives

      Five Lives is a brain health platform that focuses on preventing and detecting dementia. The app offers self-assessments, games, and coaching to support lifestyle changes that have been shown to reduce the risks of dementia. The platform is intuitive and convenient, making it easy for users to take control of their brain health and reduce their risk of developing dementia.

      The company, founded in 2019 by Xavier Louis and Sylvain Piquet is one of the first startups focused on digital dementia detection. Five Lives has recently raised £3.2M in funding led by Headline VC and is planning on expanding to France and Germany.

      633d987b05ac7570ad020fde_Prevention_is_key-p-800Source: Five Lives


      Napo is a pet insurance company that offers convenient coverage options for pet owners. Customers can easily make quotes online in just a few minutes and benefit from a range of additional services such as free 24/7 online vet appointments, behaviorist appointments, dental coverage, and educational resources.

      Since its launch in December 2021 Napo has insured over 35,000 pets, making it the fastest-growing pet insurer in Europe. Founded by Jean-Phillipe Doumeng, the startup has just raised a £15 million series A round led by DN Capital.

      Leva Clinic

      Chronic pain is often called a ‘silent epidemic’ in the UK. Leva Clinic is the first CQC-registered online chronic pain clinic, specializing in novel treatments, such as Medical Cannabis. The startup has raised £3M in funding, with Justin Hartfield, founder of Weedmaps, being one of the investors.

      The clinic provides 360° care, where a team of specialists - a doctor, physio, and psychologist - work together to provide medical prescriptions, physiotherapy, and therapy. The specialists team up to create tailored care plans to make treatment coherent and effective.


      Employee mental health platform, that has just raised £4.4 Series A funding. MYNDUP provides same-day access to digital therapy, coaching, meditation, and counseling. The platform is used as an employee benefit, as employees' mental health can affect business productivity.

      Launched in 2020 by Joel Gujral, MYNDUP is now used by over 50,000 employees from 30+ countries in organizations such as Dentons, Avast, and Savills. 99% of users have reported a boost in confidence, productivity, and motivation.

      MYNDUOSource: MYNDUP

      Log my Care

      Log my Care is a management platform digitalizing social care organizations. Founded in 2017 by two Oxford graduates, Sam Hussain and Adam Hurst, the startup recently raised £3.25M series A round led by Mercia.

      Log my Care is a platform that consists of an online manager dashboard and a mobile app for carers. The app provides carers with easy access to patients' medical records, handover notes, and logs, freeing up time and resources so that carers can focus on providing care for society's most vulnerable people. 


      Untap is a watertech startup developing a wastewater surveillance system. The device can detect and monitor infectious diseases like COVID-19. Untap’s non-invasive solution is not only easily scalable but also cost-effective. It helps see rising and falling cases without the need for individual testing.

      Co-founded by Dr. Claire Trant and Dr. Jay Bullen, the startup has raised £1.1M in financing for developing their innovative, patent-pending solution.

      Anything World

      Anything World is a startup developing a Metaverse platform that uses machine learning to create 3D experiences. The platform allows users to request, see, manipulate, and experience anything they can think of, making it a unique and versatile tool. Anything World combines AI, voice computing, and 3D rendering to create a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

      Anything World has raised £6.5 funding from investors including Acrew Capital, Alumni Ventures, and Warner Music Group. By providing a voice-controlled, low-code tool, Anything World aims to make 3D content creation more accessible.

      AnythingWorld Source: Anything World


      Studiospace is a global marketplace connecting major brands with independent, boutique digital agencies. Studiospace’s mission is to showcase independent creatives and enable corporate clients to find and hire them easily. The platform matches small agencies with marketing executives based on their brief and criteria for the project.

      Founded in 2020 by four ex-Market Gravity founders (acquired by Deloitte Digital), the London-based startup has recently raised £1.5m from Fuel Ventures. The financing will be used to grow the business in the UK and Australia as well as to develop the platform.

      Clerkenwell Health

      Clerkenwell Health is a medical research startup specializing in psychedelic therapy trials. The startup helps organizations in conducting clinical trials taking care of the whole process - scientific advisory, trial design, and regulatory approvals. Clerkenwell Health focuses specifically on using psychedelics to treat mental disorders.

      Clerkenwell Health was founded in 2021 by Sam Lewis, Dr. Henry Fisher, and Tom McDonald. The startup has raised a £2.1M seed round from Lionheart Ventures, Convergence Partners, and Exceptional Ventures. The financing will be used to make Clerkenwell fully operational.

      To sum up

      As you can see, London is booming with innovative solutions across various sectors. It is a city with one of the most prominent startup scenes across the globe, and we are waiting to see what happens in 2023. No matter the industry, London's startups are sure to continue making a big impact and driving progress.

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