Top 8 Nordic Healthcare Startups to Watch in 2022

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      31 May 2022 (updated: 31 May 2022) by  Natalia Paczuska Natalia Paczuska

      The Nordic startup scene is booming with innovation. See the roundup of the top 8 companies that are taking the digital health industry to the next level as we speak. 

      The healthcare sector is constantly growing, evolving, and looking for innovative technology solutions to ensure patient satisfaction and improve service quality. The healthcare industry has its ultimate chance to adopt technology and to scale at both: bettering patients' care and improving the core system value chains. According to the "Digital Health across the Nordics" report, it is the Nordic countries that are often the pioneers and leaders in transforming healthcare to meet the challenges of the future.One thing we can be sure of is that the Nordic healthcare sector is booming.

      That’s why we present the most interesting Nordic healthcare startups worth looking out for in 2022. Find out how they contribute to the healthcare industry with their technology solutions.


      Diffia is a Norwegian company whose mission is to make the healthcare sector more efficient by enabling healthcare professionals to work seamlessly.

      They are the founders of Nimble, an app that enhances the daily lives of healthcare professionals by allowing them to communicate with staff and interact with patients while in hospital or under home control. Using this solution, doctors and nurses can securely collect patient information, making it easier to maintain documentation and retrieve relevant data. The use of artificial intelligence for task automation and machine learning in the application has a significant impact on improving the healthcare system.



      Dr.Dropin is a private healthcare provider that offers affordable access to medical services with short wait times. Patients can receive a medical appointment in person or a digital consultation through the app.

      Founded in 2017 by Dr. Daniel Sørli, Dr.Dropin now has 25 clinics in all major Norwegian cities: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. The company offers services of general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, psychologists and midwives.

      As part of its investment strategy, Dr.Dropin has now raised €19.20 million to expand its physical clinic network and scale its digital solutions and technology platform in other European countries. The investors were investment firm SHS Capital and Munich-based investor Yabeo.

      top-nordic-health-startups-drdropinSource: Dr.Dropin


      Finnadvance is a Finland-based biotech startup that develops microfluidic organs on chips for pharmaceutical research and drug development. Growing tissue fragments and organs on chips can abolish animal-based research, reducing costs and making this method fast and ethical.

      Founded in 2018 by Prateek Singh, the company was selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing development program, among others, and was awarded the 2019 Tech Start-up Award, which is part of the Global Innovation World Cup. Finnadvance's CEO was named a finalist for the 2020 Young Researcher Entrepreneur Award, an annual award given to an entrepreneur who has created a research-based business.

      APLEX Bio

      APLEX Bio is a biotech startup that develops reagents that enable highly parallel biomarker detection with minimal effort and low cost.

      The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the need for regular testing for highly multiplexed pathogens. With APPLEX Bio technology, a new ultra-sensitive generation of PCR, the hpPCR assay, enables mass detection of pathogens and variants in a single tube within 3 hours. 

      Recently, the company launched an early access program for their Hyperplexed Nucleic Acid platforms.Source:

      LS CancerDiag

      LS CancerDiag was created to enable easy and accurate detection or exclusion of Lynch cancer syndrome. The company developed a unique diagnostic test, DiagMMR®, which helps to reliably diagnose hereditary cancer-causing MRR deficiency before it forms. Early detection of the condition enables prevention and is able to save a life. The test requires only a minute skin biopsy of healthy tissue and demonstrates excellent accuracy in directly diagnosing Lynch syndrome. 

      LS CancerDiag qualified for the semi-finals of the EIT Health Catapult, a competition and program that seeks out and accelerates the best healthcare start ups.

      KAMU Health

      Kamu's goal is to help patients suffering from respiratory diseases. The company created a high-quality service that, through the development and sale of digital therapies for chronic disease management, helps asthmatics better monitor their current lung status and treatment outcomes and better interact with healthcare professionals. 

      The site offers information on services for asthmatics, healthcare providers, payers and healthcare professionals, employers, and the pharmaceutical and research industries.

      KAMU Health's digital solution was named one of 40 winners of the 2020 WSA for its digital lung monitoring solution during the COVID-19 pandemic. The WSA is a global initiative that rewards digital innovations that improve society.

      kamu-health-appSource: KAMU Health


      Cardiolyse is a platform that enables remote monitoring and analysis of vital signs to manage heart health and predict cardiovascular disease (CVD), chronic fatigue, and burnout. Using clinically proven CE-certified machine learning algorithms, the solution provides personalized reports that can prevent dangerous cardiac events for high-risk groups. The prediction takes into account ECG, HRV, temperature, and lifestyle factors. The solution makes patient diagnosis easier and faster for cardiologists, general practitioners, and healthcare professionals. 

      The cardiology analytics platform received a Digital Health Partnership Award with NHSX and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation.

      Cardiolyse-ehr-appSource: Cardiolyse


      Kry is an online telemedicine platform company that enables patients to receive quality care both digitally in the app and physically in clinics. Their mission is to provide patients with access to better and accessible healthcare. The platform allows patients to register for the service and receive advice from a doctor, nurse, or psychologist through a video conferencing tool. It is also possible to issue prescriptions for medicines, certificates or refer for further healthcare if necessary.

      Sweden-based Kry is the largest provider of digital healthcare services in Europe and, in addition to Sweden, operates in Norway, England, France, and Germany with plans to expand to other European countries.

      Kry-top-nordic-startupsSource: Kry

      To sum it up

      The Nordic countries boast some of the best health statistics in the world and are highly rated by the World Health Organization. Looking at the track record of digital health companies, they could become a global leader in the health industry. In a rapidly changing world where healthcare has become one of the major topics, empowering citizens and creating a more patient-centric system with innovative approaches offers a significant opportunity for growth in the industry.

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