Top 8 EU-Startups Summit 2023 Companies to Watch

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      2 May 2023 (updated: 2 May 2023) by  Natalia Paczuska Natalia Paczuska

      We did the legwork, scouring the EU-Startups Summit to find the companies that are pushing boundaries, disrupting industries, and changing the rules of the game for 2023 onward. 

      If you're keeping an eye on the European startup landscape, you won't want to miss our list of the most innovative startups we encountered at the EU-Startups Summit 2023. As one of the premier events for the startup community, the EU-Startups Summit brings together bright minds from across Europe to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas. Here are our top picks of the companies that stood out among the rest, and the reasons why they are on top of their game.


      Haystack is a Swedish startup revolutionizing social connections. Its social platform lets users connect through fun virtual games and activities directly in the app. With AI-based matching, users are suggested the best match based on personality types. Plus, it's designed to keep users engaged with a continuous launch of new activities, games, and content. Haystack has been developed with the needs of people in mind, and it's launching soon on mobile platforms, making it easy for users to connect with people from all over the world. Try Haystack today and make your social connections more fun and efficient. Haystack competed in STARTUP 2022 and received the Game Changer award and a prize check of 50 000 SEK in the regional final in Sweden. 

      Founder: Björn Hortell (CEO)

      Haystack - top 2023 startups to watchSource: Haystack


      FINGREEN AI is an online platform that offers a comprehensive range of ESG data services, including data collection, analysis, reporting, and insights. Additionally, they provide personalized services to create custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements, such as thorough ESG due diligence or industry-specific ESG risk assessment. Their goal is to speed up the shift to a transparent and sustainable green economy.

      FINGREEN AI was among the top 15 startups at the EU-Startups Summit.

      Founder: Louis Frank (CEO)


      Bumpy is a digital platform based in Stockholm, founded in 2021, that is dedicated to supporting individuals on their fertility journeys. With so many fertility clinics and options available, Bumpy streamlines the process by providing users with an easy way to compare clinics in one place, enhanced with reviews from real people. Their ultimate goal is to help individuals navigate their fertility journeys by providing them with support and resources from experts and people in similar situations. Bumpy's AI technology suggests the best fertility clinic based on users' personal needs, and their platform also features scientific articles and honest clinic recommendations. In addition, Bumpy provides a safe and supportive community where individuals can connect with others going through similar experiences, ask questions, and share their journeys with confidence.

      Founders: Elin Øyre (CEO), Andrea Olsson (CMO)

      Bumpy - top 2023 startups to watchSource: Bumpy


      PetAid is a revolutionary platform that offers a comprehensive healthcare network for pets and pet parents. With their products, pet owners can rest assured that they always have access to their beloved pet's medical records and real-time information about their pet's health. PetAid's platform includes a complete medical record system that provides pet owners with an all-encompassing view of their pet's healthcare journey.

      The platform contains a complete medical record system, integrated with a telemedicine feature supported by AI technology for diagnosis as well as wearables with unique USP features. Together, the three components work to create an all-encompassing healthcare network for the four-legged family members.

      PetAid is available in several languages worldwide, making it accessible to pet owners globally. 

      Founders: Jennifer Gradwohl-Härtel, Peter Öttl


      Kamupak, an impact startup based in Finland, is committed to reducing the world's waste burden with their innovative digital deposit and borrow system for reusable take away packaging. Their product, KamuDish, offers an eco-friendly alternative to single-use containers for restaurants and grocery stores, empowering consumers to reduce their waste generation by avoiding single-use packaging. After use, KamuDish can be dropped off at any Kamu location where it is cleaned thoroughly and put back into circulation. At the end of its life, KamuDish can be recycled, further reducing its environmental impact. Currently, Kamupak operates in the Nordic countries, but their mission has global implications for waste reduction and environmental sustainability.

      Founders: Iida Miettinen (CEO), Eero Heikkinen, Karri Lehtonen


      Growyze is a user-friendly software designed for food and beverage businesses and venues to simplify stock control and accounting. It provides real-time visibility on inventory, purchases, and cost of goods, allowing businesses to manage menu profitability and ordering accuracy. Growyze replaces the use of paper and confusing Excel spreadsheets with a 100% paperless solution accessible from anywhere. Its mission is to provide the right technology to the hospitality industry to solve common operational problems and help businesses make better daily decisions through a single hub for processes and business insights.

      To date, UK-based growyze has raised $792.2K in funding. 

      Founders: Kati Hristova, Adi Hristova, Zahari Ivanov


      ADix, a Swedish startup founded in 2019, is revolutionizing the way we diagnose and detect dementia. With the help of machine learning, ADix has developed a self-administered and non-invasive diagnostic test that can detect early signs of dementia through a smartphone app. The exterior features of the head hold observable information of dementia developments inside the brain, previously only visible through MRI. By using novel dementia insights from computer vision and cognitive assessment tests, ADix's app can enable early detection of dementia for anyone, anywhere. 

      Discovering Alzheimer's disease at an early stage brings multiple benefits, including a net savings of $10,000 per patient, and a desire for early diagnosis from 90% of the older population.

      ADix was recognized as one of the top 15 startups at the EU-Startups Summit.

      ADix - top 2023 startups to watchSource: ADix


      Enamply is a platform that helps teams build a culture of giving specific, timely, and actionable micro-feedback, reducing bias in performance improvement. The platform integrates with task management tools and knowledge management processes to enable feedback loops and promote learning by doing. Using AI-assisted insights and evaluation methods, teams can identify skill gaps, address underproductivity, and plan and execute projects and processes based on data. 

      Founders: Pavel Moraru, Artiom Cociu

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