Top 9 Arctic15 Startups to Watch in 2023

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      14 June 2023 (updated: 15 June 2023) by  Natalia Paczuska Natalia Paczuska

      We are excited to share our curated list of the most innovative startups we discovered at the Arctic15. We dove headfirst into the event, meticulously examining each company, to bring you the crème de la crème of the European startup scene. These forward-thinking startups are not only pushing boundaries but also reshaping entire industries and challenging the status quo.

      The European startup landscape is a thriving ecosystem that constantly produces groundbreaking ideas, disruptive technologies, and visionary entrepreneurs. To keep a finger on the pulse of this dynamic environment, we embarked on a journey at the renowned Arctic15 event, where we encountered an array of game-changing startups that are redefining industries and setting new benchmarks.


      MinnaLearn is a Helsinki-based learning platform that specializes in helping teams acquire the essential skills necessary to thrive in today's dynamic environment. Their courses are meticulously designed collaborative learning journeys, meticulously crafted to have a significant impact on the workplace.

      Dedicated to ensuring the success of forward-thinking teams, MinnaLearn takes a unique approach to learning. By infusing inclusivity, and scalability into their programs, they make the learning process engaging and accessible. Their method combines the flexibility of online learning with the power of expertly facilitated group sessions, fostering social engagement, collaboration, and diverse viewpoints.

      Founders: Ville Valtonen (CEO), Emilia Jaakkola

      Free Farms

      Free Farms is a visionary company that addresses global challenges by providing sustainable solutions for refugee camps. Their innovative containers incorporate automated food growth systems, atmospheric water harvesting systems, solar panels, and hydrogen fuel cells. This creates a self-sustaining loop of energy and water production, enabling food cultivation and growth even in challenging environments.

      The inspiration for Free Farms came from the urgent need to combat acute malnutrition and hunger, particularly in refugee camps where social aid often falls short due to insufficient donations. By empowering communities to rely less on external assistance and more on their own resources, Free Farms offers a pathway to greater self-reliance.

      Driven by a commitment to sustainability and resilience, Free Farms is revolutionizing the way power, food, and water are produced, creating a brighter future for communities in need.


      StoryDrops is an innovative social media application that operates based on location. It allows users to create audio "drops" that can only be accessed at specific real-world locations. These drops can be tailored for various purposes, such as sharing messages with friends, loved ones, niche communities, or followers. By utilizing the StoryDrops app, individuals can listen to these audio drops in the physical spaces where they were designated. With StoryDrops, users can gather a collection of enjoyable and thrilling messages crafted specifically for them by those who hold a genuine concern. The platform was established in 2023, marking the beginning of its journey.

      Founder: Timo Wright

      storydropsSource: StoryDrops


      Klu is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people discover and share digital information. Their mission is to make the process of searching for any type of information easy and effortless, providing users with relevant and accurate results. With a vision to become an indispensable tool for individuals relying on digital information for their work, Klu is committed to continuously improving and expanding their technology.

      At the core of Klu's approach is the goal of delivering the best search experience possible. They strive to simplify the search process, ensuring users can effortlessly find the information they need. Recognizing the power of information sharing in improving productivity and fostering teamwork, Klu has designed intuitive features that enable users to save and share their findings with others. By making information more accessible and easier to find, Klu empowers individuals to perform their jobs more effectively.

      Founders: Sami Abuzarifa (CEO), Wildan Zulfikar, Faiz Faidurrahman


      Fit&Social is an innovative app that aims to connect individuals who share a passion for fitness and an active lifestyle. Their mission is to help people find workout partners and build meaningful connections, whether they are seeking companionship for a simple bicycle ride, training for a marathon, or preparing for a bodybuilding contest.

      With Fit&Social, users can set their interests and explore new hobbies, choosing from a diverse range of six different activities. The app allows individuals to showcase their preferred gym on their profile, enabling them to connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts from the same facility. By facilitating the discovery of workout partners, Fit&Social fosters connections that have the potential to last a lifetime.

      Fit&Social is set to launch in June 2023, with beta testing limited to Apple users. The app will be available on both Google Play and the App Store upon its full release.

      Founder: Shaker Halabeya

      Green Little Heart

      Green Little Heart, a Stockholm-based company, is an impact platform dedicated to fostering a sustainable ecosystem and promoting a switch to more sustainable lifestyles. With a focus on making a positive impact and meeting the growing demand for conscious consumer choices, Green Little Heart offers a comprehensive solution. Their platform combines inspiration, knowledge, product listings, search capabilities, mapping services, and answers to various sustainability-related questions. By providing insights, products, pop-up physical spaces, and community engagement, Green Little Heart aims to cater to the rapidly increasing number of conscious consumers. Founded with a vision to create an impact platform and marketplace for sustainable and ethical inspiration, products, services, and knowledge, Green Little Heart strives to encourage customers to make more conscious decisions that benefit society and protect the planet for future generations. The team is dedicated to normalizing conscious choices in everyday life and advocates for values such as slow fashion, recycling, upcycling, naturalness, zero waste, and a circular economy, prioritizing long-term ethical values over short-term gains.

      Founder: Thérèse Lundquist (CEO)


      PikaPay, an innovative Finnish startup, is dedicated to transforming the shopping experience at grocery stores. Their focus is on developing a cutting-edge mobile shopping and payment system that enhances convenience, simplicity, and efficiency. PikaPay offers a mobile payment app that enables swift and effortless product payments within stores. Bid farewell to long queues and the hassle of handling cash and coins with PikaPay.

      Using PikaPay is a breeze. Just locate a PikaPay tower near the store, scan your desired products, and when you're ready to make a payment, scan the PikaPay tower once again. It's that simple, providing a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

      Founders: Juuso Käyhkö, Oskari Hervonen, Teemu Ketonen

      pikapay_app_Source: PikaPay


      ForteAI, a startup originating from Finland and established in 2022, is revolutionizing talent management through its groundbreaking talentAI platform. Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, ForteAI seeks to enhance career advancement and optimize the alignment of talent with suitable work opportunities. Their automated procedures streamline talent acquisition, generating CVs for proposals and reducing expenses by 60%, while ensuring the formation of high-performing teams and bolstering talent retention.

      The core mission of ForteAI is to relieve talent managers, supervisors, and colleagues from burdensome tasks by enabling intelligent AI automation. They prioritize the growth and development of individuals' careers, matching them with projects that align with their future aspirations and objectives. With ForteAI, both talent and organizations can thrive as they deliver an innovative platform that empowers success for all parties involved.

      Founders: Jan Valkonen (CEO), Antti Kivalo, Sampsa Geijer, Tiina Lappalainen, Otto Huhta


      InspectWise, the rapidly growing service platform hailing from Finland, is revolutionizing the safety of remote used car transactions. With a core mission to eliminate consumer complaints and scams in the used car trade, InspectWise offers an AI-powered mobile app for car inspections, backed by a dedicated workforce of gig working car inspector agents. Through their innovative system, individuals can confidently purchase any car, knowing that it has undergone a thorough inspection.

      InspectWise ensures a seamless process by dispatching an inspector to the seller's location, completing the inspection within 48 hours. Buyers can then finalize the deal and make secure payments through the InspectWise app, guaranteeing a safe and trustworthy transaction. With a global network of experts conducting remote car inspections, InspectWise is at the forefront of the industry. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, providing convenience and accessibility to users. Notably, InspectWise was recognized as a TOP 15 finalist in the Arctic15 pitching competition of 2023, further validating their commitment to excellence.

      Founder: Tomi Rantanen

      Summing up

      The Nordic region has emerged as the world's most impact-focused hub for entrepreneurship, with a strong emphasis on technology, sustainability, and social impact. Nordic startups attract significant venture capital investments, raising a remarkable $11.7 billion in 2022. Government support, including funding for research and development, tax incentives, and access to financing, has fostered a dynamic and innovative ecosystem. The Nordic startup scene's growth and international recognition make it an integral part of Europe's thriving startup landscape. The startups we encountered at Arctic15 are already flourishing, and we eagerly anticipate their continued development within this vibrant ecosystem. 

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