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Accelerate your product idea the right way

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During two intensive days with our team we will dive deep into your product. We will examine the challenges, the strategy, and build strong foundations for further development.

Build the product your users need and grow that ROI.

A Product Design Workshop's benefits go a long way

In 2 days we are able to make your idea a plan that is doable, profitable, and adjusted to your users' needs.

Improve your market-fit

Together we can transform your product plan into a thought-through product's features. And by prioritizing the necessary features we will make sure your product meets your users' expectations.

Establish a doable & profitable MVP scope

Time-to-market may be your competitive advantage, if well thought-through. A quicker MVP introduces users to your brand quicker. And to you, it’s a chance to monetize your solution quicker.

Waste no time or money

We understand that your budget is limited. A workshop will allow you to scope a realistic product roadmap and evaluate the next steps.

Mitigate and address development risks

Reaching a consensus on the project's core functionalities will speed up the development process and minimize changes & risks later.

Our process behind Product Design Workshop

See what methods we utilize to help make your idea a clear product roadmap.

See how we run a Product Design Workshop

Research the users and the business

Before a Product Design Workshop with a client we conduct thorough research concerning the product, its competitors, value added for the users, and more.

Prepare a workshop session tailored to your needs

Based on the research we prepare the agenda for the Product Design Workshop and when it's agreed on we can get down to business.

Get together as a cross-functional team

During the Product Design Workshop itself, there are several people present on our side. Depending on the project, they might be UX Designers, Developers, and, in some cases, business people.

Summarize the outcomes and prepare for designing the product

After the session you can count on all the materials in a digitalized form.

A well-conducted Product Design Workshop helps you strategize, prioritize and reduce risks in design and development.

Companies that trusted our Product Design Workshop and stayed with us for the long haul

What can you expect from us after a Product Design Workshop?

After a finished Workshop you can count on detailed digitalized materials.

A summary report

It is your documentation of what we did during the workshop. It includes a brief description of each method used and its purpose.

Digitalized materials

They will guide your product team through the whole development process and they can be easily used for marketing purposes or planning your product strategy. You can expect: Lean Canvas, Design Constraints map, User personas, all depending on the agreed particular workshop agenda.

Backlog (optional)

Our UX designer goes through your product’s interface to identify the barriers for the casual user, but also to reveal the features with the biggest potential you can build on.

Maybe it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

We’re available for new projects.

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All questions Product Design Workshop

Workshopping is a great tool for teams to get on the same page, understand everyone’s motives, priorities and decide on a shared vision on what to do next, and how to do it.

Even though it is a good practice to begin your product development with a workshop, it can just as well be a valuable input for you at any stage of design & development, whenever you stumble upon an issue that needs to be solved and involves many parties’ interests.

The workshop is not a magic pill to all your software development troubles, but it’s a good anti-risk cushion with proven results to: accelerate your product development quicker & more efficiently, help to reach a consensus on the critical strategic points, finding the best possible solution from both: the user’s perspective and your business standpoint, reduce the project’s scope creep (so the ever-expanding list of features to be developed before the release).

Yes. We're experienced in conducting Product Design Workshops remotely as well as in-person. This all depends on you needs. Both approaches can be equally effective, however, they might differ slightly. Remote workshops tend to have more breaks than in-person ones to limit screen fatigue and so the participants can stay engaged throughout the whole process.