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Manymore, formerly known as Dipps is a fintech / HRtech startup from Oslo, Norway. Through highly efficient business operations and in-depth knowledge of invoicing and accounting processes, the small team was able to provide the market with a robust solution for the then-emergent employment-as-a-service concept.

Manymore is an online-first service that allows freelancers to invoice their clients and get paid hassle-free.

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EL Passion’s Design team was tasked with facilitating a full design process to map out all of the detailed user flows and turn them into a set of usable features. The complex processes we were about to design on both the UX and UI levels were supposed to work seamlessly on mobile devices, as many of the user tasks were performed on the way.

As in any platform, the experience needs to be designed from both sides.

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The two co-founders of Manymore visited our Warsaw office for a full week of workshopping and collaborative work, which allowed us to streamline the architecture process and leverage quick decision-making.

Over the following weeks our UX Design team has been working hand in hand with the Development team and the client’s stakeholders to flesh out all of the screens and flows of the application, all in a mobile-first approach.

With experience and the existing client base of Manymore, we were able to quickly validate our design decisions and improve the product before writing the very frist line of code. The UI framework was based on the Material-UI react library, which introduced some design constraints, but aimed at improving the front-end development flow.  

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Mobile-first was our leading philosophy - freelancers in Norway often manage their finances on the way, especially in the hospitality and maintenance industries.

The outcome of our work was a focused design system for the Manymore team to use in the future months. Our solid base for the user experience and the water-tight business model allowed Manymore to scale rapidly in the next few years. Now, it is a leading worker-finance management solution in Norway, on the way to expanding to new horizontals and providing 360-degree HR and contractor services.

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  • Robust UX flow documentation

  • Fulll responsive UI design files

  • Customized set of vector illustrations and icons

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