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Giving the startup’s executive team control over their web presence

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Design & Webflow Development




Process Improvement

Indoorway developed a system to monitor the movement and location of key assets in real-time in manufacturing companies such as factories and storage facilities. They provide performance data to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. To provide accurate data, the system uses Ultra-Wideband technology to locate resources involved in production and intralogistics, such as workers, forklifts and other material handling equipment. It tracks objects with an accuracy of less than 1m.

The solution helps improve safety, optimize production processes and prevent delays and other production-related inefficiencies. It is aimed at large manufacturing plants and distribution centers that want to efficiently manage moving resources in real time. The more complex and variable the operations and the more resources, the greater the benefit to Indoorway customers.

Indoorway Case Study Webflow

Indoorway wanted to refresh their website and implement it in Webflow to increase satisfaction and customer conversion, while keeping the site easy to update. In order to thoroughly understand their needs and problems, we embarked on a process to deliver an intuitive website. 


Increasing conversion by implementing sectioning on the site

A key marketing point for Indoorway was the ability to highlight their solutions in a variety of industries and use cases. The website’s information architecture was designed in a way to promote teasers of solutions on the homepage and in-depth content for each of the target industries. When building the website in Webflow, we leveraged reusable components and page templates to maximize page creation flexibility on the client’s side.

The whole process between us and the client has been highly iterative, from wireframes to the live Webflow site.

Leveraging the power of Webflow CMS

While our Webflow team was implementing the pages, we used Webflow’s ultra-fast CMS to enable the client to iterate on site content in real time. Additionally, we created a custom CMS structure to host the company’s blog and enabled the client to add new blog posts throughout the whole process. The content has instantly been indexed in search engines and internal website search.


Highlighting solutions and interactive elements

To bring an element of freshness to the homepage, we designed a carousel using tabs that filter content into two categories: Industries and Solutions. In addition, we placed various types of animations and highlights on the page, enhancing the most valuable content for the client. The use of elements such as background videos was intended to catch the users’ interest and encourage them to learn more about the offer. 

Multi-language build to increase visits, engagement, and conversion 

To improve Indoorway's outreach and increase the number of visits to the site, we integrated Webflow with Weglot - a solution that allows you to create a multilingual site and manage all translations seamlessly. Currently, the site is translated into Polish, English and German. All language versions have been created and indexed within just a couple of days - speed out of reach for any custom development alternatives.

I was very impressed with the attention that the EL Passion team gave to the scoping of the project. Their approach allowed us to have a very clear vision of the end product early on, which made design and development work much smoother.


Adam Komarnicki

CEO @ Indoorway


  • figma@3x


  • webflow



  • Information architecture schemes

  • Responsive wireframes of the homepage and multiple subpages

  • A full visual style, from moodboarding to final UI mockups

  • Creation of a basic Style Guide

  • Implementation of the site in Webflow

  • Integration of the site with Weglot

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