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Supporting a femtech start-up to start a revolution

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femtasy is the first audio streaming platform with sensual stories for women and couples. With their subscription-based service and a skyrocketing number of active users each month, They aim to empower women and revolutionize female pleasure in the DACH countries and beyond.

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femtasy wanted to build a fast web app, easy and intuitive to use for their female users. To get an in-depth understanding of their needs and pain points, we proceeded with a UX strategy workshop and a Scoping Session, before the actual project development.

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One UX strategy workshop to confirm a vision

Together with the femtasy team, we defined 2 main user personas and explored possible concepts for the app’s features. The UX Strategy Workshop allowed us to kick off the project with a clear mutual vision of how the app is going to behave and what the main features will be.

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A scoping session to define the product

Our UX designers created a high-level customer journey to back up our concept. The scoping session helped to further prioritize the particular features development. Within a couple of hours, we produced a full product backlog for 3 versions of the app, prioritizing the features to give maximum value for the femtasy users.

We created a fully responsive web app that allowed femtasy to enter the market and steal the hearts of women in Germany. But we didn’t stop at that.

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The app with high test coverage to ensure quality

We happily supported femtasy in scaling the app further as their target audience grew, adding features and maintaining the created code.

Recommendations that build connections

Thanks to the custom-made recommender system users can jump straight to the stories adjusted to their taste, based on others who have listened to the same content.

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Custom-built filtering for ultimately customizable experience

To support the growing number and variety of the femtasy stories we developed a custom filtering menu. Thanks to that, users can easily navigate through different genres, categories, choose a specific voice without any loss in the user experience of the app.

Third-party integrations to smooth the client’s workflow

To streamline femtasy’s growth and boost the team’s analytics possibilities numerous integrations were added to the app, including advanced marketing automation and post-listening surveys for the femtasy users.

femtasy1x Julie Lepique CEO of femtasy I recommend EL Passion because of their agile way of working and focus on achieving top-notch quality of the product. Communication in the project was clear and effective. EL Passion professionals could adapt easily to fast-paced changes in the idea behind the product and deliver reliable and ready-to-use solutions.

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