25 Weird Websites and Web Apps to Waste Time on When You’re Bored

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      21 March 2024 (updated: 21 March 2024) by  EL Passion EL Passion

      What do you do when you get bored? Scrolling TikTok or Instagram is fun, but after a while, it gets repetitive and a bit boring. What if you try something new?

      If you're stuck at home and looking for ways to beat the boredom, there are plenty of weird, intriguing, and just plain random websites out there. We prepared a list of 25 weird websites to keep you amused for hours. And maybe you’ll get some inspiration for creating an even more unique website?

      25 Weird Websites and Web Apps to Waste Time on When You’re Bored


      This web-based game features a genie who can guess virtually any character you can think of, real or fictional, through a series of questions. The Akinator's ability to narrow down through seemingly unrelated questions and eventually guess your character is both uncanny and a bit weird. It's a fun test of the genie's vast database and algorithmic predictions.


      Pointer Pointer

      This website matches a photo of someone pointing directly at your cursor's position on the screen. It’s fascinating to see how Pointer Pointer manages to find an image that matches the location of your pointer, providing endless entertainment and a bit of magic to your browsing experience.

      The Useless Web

      With a single click, The Useless Web transports you to one of many bizarre and utterly pointless websites. Just one click, and you're on a site that's either super random or completely pointless. Think of cats bouncing forever or websites that just tell you they're there. It's a fun way to see the strange and funny sides of the internet.

      Little Alchemy 2

      Little Alchemy 2 is an incredibly simple yet addictive game where you start with the four basic elements: air, earth, fire, and water. The goal is to combine these elements to create new items, eventually working your way up to creating everything from zombies to skyscrapers. It's a fun and engaging way to pass the time, with a mix of logic, science, and a touch of whimsy.

      little alchemy weird website

      Patience is a Virtue

      Patience is a Virtue challenges you to do absolutely nothing but wait. There’s no reward, no endgame, just the test of your patience. It serves as a humorous reminder of the fast-paced, instant gratification world we live in, and maybe, just maybe, it'll teach you a bit about the virtue of patience.


      GeoGuessr drops you into a random location in the world via Google Street View and challenges you to guess where you are. It’s a fun, weird, and addictive game that can take you from the deserts of Africa to the streets of small towns in Europe. The randomness and the challenge of pinpointing your location based on your surroundings alone make it a fascinating exploration of the world's diversity.

      geoguessr weird website


      Welcome to Zombo.com, where the impossible is possible, at least according to the voice that greets you. This website consists of nothing more than a welcoming voice loop and some flashing colors, but its charm lies in its simplicity and the mystery of its purpose.

      Staggering Beauty

      Staggering Beauty is a website featuring a simple, snake-like creature that follows your cursor. However, shake it vigorously, and you're treated to a wild, flashing, neon light show. Warning: Those sensitive to flashing lights should proceed with caution.


      Dive into an art piece that keeps zooming in forever, taking you through various fantastical landscapes. ZoomQuilt a really neat art project where different artists' works are stitched together to create endless zoom. You get to see everything change and morph as it zooms, taking you from one magical scene to another without ever stopping.

      zoomquilt weird app

      Cat Bounce

      A delightfully simple website where you can make virtual cats bounce around your screen. You can also grab them with your cursor and toss them around because sometimes, all you need to brighten your day is a screen full of bouncing cats.


      Experience the internet's love affair with dogs through this chaotic yet adorable website. Neon, 8-bit-style animated dogs run endlessly across your screen, accompanied by an irresistibly catchy soundtrack.

      Hacker Typer

      Unleash your inner hacker fantasy with this website. Tap your keyboard and watch as the screen fills with impressive-looking code, making you feel like you're hacking into a high-security system, all while knowing absolutely nothing about coding.

      hacker typer weird app

      The Nicest Place on the Internet

      Are you in need of a hug? The Nicest Place on the Internet offers a collection of videos of strangers offering free hugs to the viewer. It's a sweet, comforting corner of the internet designed to lift your spirits with virtual hugs from strangers.

      Rainy Mood

      Enjoy the soothing sound of rain at any time with Rainy Mood. Whether you're looking to relax, sleep, or boost your productivity, the sound of rain can be surprisingly therapeutic and calming.

      Window Swap

      Take a virtual journey by viewing short video clips through someone else's window from various places around the world. Window Swap is a wonderful way to experience new sights and sounds, and maybe even discover your next travel destination.

      A Soft Murmur

      A Soft Murmur allows you to mix your ambient soundscapes to create the perfect background noise for relaxation or productivity. From rain to thunder, from birds to waves, mix and match to find your ideal peaceful ambiance.

      This Is Sand

      Turn your screen into a canvas and create art with digital sand. It's a unique form of digital creativity that's surprisingly soothing and allows for an expression of creativity that you didn't know you needed.

      this is sand app


      This website is packed with funny English mistakes from all over the globe. Often found in product instructions, signs, menus, and packaging, these "Engrish" mistakes are sure to bring a smile to your face with their unintended meanings and humorous miscommunications.

      Awkward Family Photos

      As the name suggests, Awkward Family Photos compiles some of the most awkward family photos ever taken. From questionable fashion choices to bizarre posing, it's a treasure trove of cringe-worthy yet endearing moments captured on camera, celebrating the awkwardness that exists in every family.

      The Onion

      A pioneer in satirical news coverage, The Onion features articles on international, national, and local news with a humorous twist.  It's full of those embarrassing but lovable moments every family has caught on camera for all to see. It shows off the funny, awkward side of family life.

      Dog Shaming

      Dog Shaming features photos of dogs accompanied by signs describing whatever naughty act they've recently committed. From eating an entire loaf of bread to destroying furniture, it's a funny and heartwarming reminder of the trouble our pets get into.

      dog shaming weird website

      Sneeze The Dragon

      An interactive website where your sole purpose is to make a cartoon dragon sneeze. It's simple, silly, and strangely satisfying. Sneeze The Dragon is a perfect example of internet humor - an odd premise that somehow becomes entertaining.

      Find the Invisible Cow

      Find the Invisible Cow is a fun, weird game where your mouse turns into a tool to find a cow you can't see, but you can hear. As you move around, the sounds get louder and more excited when you're close to the cow. The cow's "MOOs" go crazy the closer you get. It's an easy but really engaging game that mixes the old "Hot or Cold" game with the funny idea of a cow hiding somewhere on your screen. Great for a quick break or if you're curious about how good you are at finding stuff that's invisible.


      Duotrigordle is like Wordle on steroids. Instead of just one puzzle, you get 32 of them to solve at the same time. Every guess you make changes all 32 puzzles, making you feel like an octopus trying to guess words.  It's the ultimate test for those who think "I'm too good for just one Wordle" as they often find out it's tougher than they thought. Great for a good laugh, a bit of frustration, or a moment when you have to admit it's harder than you expected.

      duotrigordle app

      Internet Live Stats

      Internet Live Stats is a super cool site that shows you internet stats as they happen. It's got live counters for all sorts of things like how many websites are up, tweets going out, Google searches happening, YouTube videos getting watched, and emails being sent, all ticking up right before your eyes. It's really something to see all those numbers going up non-stop. It kind of hypnotizes you and really shows just how much the internet is a part of everything we do.

      Summing up

      This list has some of the weirdest websites out there. It's hard to say what they're all about or why they exist. But one thing's for sure, they're great for a laugh and can be a nice way to chill out and clear your head when you need a break.

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