Ula Kowalska Appointed New CTO of EL Passion, Michał Warda Transitions to Head of AI R&D

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      1 August 2023 (updated: 1 August 2023) by  Patrycja Paterska Patrycja Paterska

      August marks changes to the EL Passion’s C-level. Michał Warda transitions to Head of AI R&D to launch our internal AI project, Ula Kowalska becomes CTO.

      Something has to change so other great things can begin to happen and we’re firm believers of that. That’s why we’ve got some announcements to make.

      For some time now, we’ve been noticing that the world of technology is changing and doing so rapidly, all because of the rise of AI capabilities.

      The memes are right, it’s no longer “there’s an app for that”, it’s more “there’s an AI extension for that”.

      The research we made so far proved that the proper use of AI tools can (and will) improve our daily jobs if we allow it.

      Inspired by this and his long career of building products, our CTO, Michał Warda decided to transition to a new role. From now on, as a Head of Artificial Intelligence Research & Development at EL Passion he will move forward with our very first internal AI project set up to ease out & speed up Agile product design & development for product teams all over. You can sign up to get updates & help us gather insights for ESTIM.AI.

      Michał Warda, Head of AI R&D: “EL Passion has always had a strong hacking & knowledge sharing culture — testing new tech, conferences, meetups, and talks. Now we want to ignite our presence in the hacking community once again by showing our progress in AI R&D.”

      Anna Elwart, CEO: “We’ve been looking at the progress made in the area of AI and wanted to devote resources to tap the best opportunities for our clients, so they can grow together with the rise of AI. This chance has come up now and I couldn’t be more happier that EL Passion maintains its brand as an innovative partner for businesses."

      Michał’s position will be taken over by Ula Kowalska, Team Leader & Senior Full-stack developer at EL Passion. Ula started as an intern, grew to Senior Developer, then Team Leader, all under EL Passion’s wing (which we couldn’t be more proud of!). She delivered numerous projects, specialized in healthtech, and her ideas as a Team Leader contributed effectively to improving the company’s internal processes.

      Michał Warda: “I’m very happy with the change, because I know I leave the CTO role in very good and experienced hands. Ula delivered a great deal of crucial projects for the company, built the hottest full-stack team on the market, and recruited us some of the best developers out there. She’s honest and confident when fighting for what’s important for her, and, as it happens, what was important for her, was always important for the company as well: transparency, cooperation, top quality, and honesty."

      Anna Elwart: “We were considering recruiting outside, because there’s a significant amount of talent available on the market, but finally we didn’t open the recruitment at all, because a natural candidate emerged internally. Ula has been building EL Passion with her ideas and supporting its growth since I can remember. Clients love working with her on both tech & business level. Her openness and eagerness to contribute to building the company on the business side even as a Team Leader make me confident that she’s the best fit for the role."

      Ula Kowalska, CTO: “Taking on the role of CTO of EL Passion marks a significant milestone in my professional life. As I step into this new role, I want to take our company's technological vision to a new level, and I hope that participating in building a new department, as well as supporting Michał and his ideas to conquer the AI world, will be a big part of this change. I want to build upon the strong foundation we've established, foster a culture of creativity, and inspire everyone to think beyond boundaries.”

      As Chief Technology Officer, Ula Kowalska will take care of our development teams’ growth both internally and externally and will be promoting our tech brand on the market.

      Ula Kowalska: "As CTO, my goal is to not only enhance our organization's competitiveness but also to create an environment where each team member can thrive and grow professionally. I am genuinely excited about the future of EL Passion and the incredible projects that lie ahead, particularly with the launch of our AI department.”

      We’re excited and positive that these changes will help us grow as a business partner and employer, and also better align EL Passion to the challenges of the present market.

      Maybe it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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