Top 9 Slush 2022 Startups to Watch

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      24 November 2022 (updated: 6 December 2022) by  Patrycja Paterska Patrycja Paterska

      We're coming at you with some of the most trailblazing startups we met at Slush 2022. We did our research, so you don't have to.

      Slush is undoubtedly one of the main events in the European startup scene, allowing great minds to meet, exchange ideas, and build incredible companies together. Let's see our subjective shortlist of some of the companies on top of their game.


      Anyhau is a startup that aims at simplifying taking care of your pets. The team is building the first pet marketplace in Finland that connects the owners with the best service providers. From vet visits, through groomers, up to breed-specific services, Anyhau wants to become the pet owners go-to place for holistic and all-including pet care. Founded by Clarissa Hedman & Nur Ketene, the team is now focused on building the first version of their product and core Anyhau features, based on the insights from their focus groups.

      Founders: Clarissa Hedman, Nur Ketene

      anyhau-startup-logoSource: Anyhau

      Wonderz GmbH

      Founded in 2017, Wonderz GmbH enables creators to focus on creating content while they care for its thorough distribution. WunderBox, a flexible distribution platform for Android, iOS, and tvOS allows creators to monetize their content the way the choose to, get access to data analytics, and be in complete control of what, when, and where the content is posted.

      Founders: Sebastian Wehner (CEO), Daniel Acht, Daniel Matzke

      Generation Waste

      Generation Waste helps restaurants and kitchens in the public sector with their food waste management. Founded by a truly passionate combo of an ex-software developer, Andreas Pringle and Daniel Oddhammar, a trained chef and kitchen manager.

      Through education and waste analysis with their custom measurement tool, Generation Waste helps businesses to work in a more sustainable and climate-aware way with their raw materials, from farm to table. Applying their measurement tool not only raises awareness among staff, but it also simplifies the detection of where exactly the food waste occurs, making it easier to take specific measures in order to reduce it (all with support from Generation Waste). All can be done smoothly inside a kitchen by chefs thanks to their iPad and smartphone apps.

      In 2022, the company launched in the Nordic region with a turnover of approximately SEK 7 million. Their system is integrated with purchasing and checkout systems as well as Co2 footprint.

      Founders: Daniel Oddhammar, Andreas Pringle


      Whee! is a subscription service for electric cargo bikes. For a mixed sum each month, you are able to get a top quality bike with exactly the gear you need along with insurance, locks, and technical assistance.

      Recently, Whee! raised NOK 9.4 M in funding from Katapult, alongside EIT Urban Mobility (their first international investor), Spike Venture, Moro AS, Stetind Capital, Stenshagen Invest and Lia Investments Limited.

      As of now, Whee! plans to increase its profitability on the domestic market and then prepare for foreign investments. The market for electric bicycles is growing strong both in the Nordics and internationally. 2 million electric bicycles were sold in Germany in 2021, i.e. only 300,000 fewer than electric cars were sold in the whole of Europe, Norway included.

      Founders: Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid, Cathrine Movold, Anders Hansen

      whee-startupSource: Whee!


      Sisko is a women-founded and women-led startup wanting to provide holistic health and wellbeing services for women. They aim to support women of all ages and in different stages of life: from the first menstruation, through dealing with period pains, pregnancy, postpartum, up to menopause. Their claim is that although women’s lives have transformed significantly in most areas, the knowledge and care for the women’s body is still very much fragmented and not accessible for all.

      Sisko has just begun their acceleration phase and is supported by Kiuas accelerator program (one of the leading startup accelerators in Finland).

      Founders: Laura Halonen, Kia Lampi, Maisa Korhonen


      Pace is a platform uniting people passionate about sports and event organizers. One hand hand, it serves as a search tool for all the sports events you’re looking for, and on the other it offers event management, helping to automate all the repetitive tasks and letting organizers focus on gathering a significant following for their events.

      Founder: Sami Tuomi


      The lack of data and therefore motivation to recycle is one of the core reasons why the global waste problem is still unaddressed holistically. Carrot, previously known as WasteIQ, was founded to solve this issue. Their software collects waste data, enabling public and private waste management companies to detect valuable resources of what’s actually being thrown away. Those resources can then be reused, repurposed, and in some cases, resold.

      Their mission is to show that collective effort in waste management can actually make a difference in the world and allows us to extend the life of materials.

      Founders: Tore Totland (CEO)

      carrot-tech-startupSource: Carrot


      Omnēque was born out of the private passion of the founder, Amanda Zuydervelt, and a gap she spot in the market. She founded one of a kind digital platform specializing in giving unique pre-owned jewelry a completely new life in new hands.

      Omnēque is much more than just a marketplace as it offers specialized services like jewelery remodeling, personal shopping, bidding, sourcing rare pieces, and more. Their collections are boldly curated by industry experts, with intelligent and informative editorial to support them.

      Founder: Amanda Zuydervelt


      LeadDesk offers specialized cloud service for high volume sales and customer service. It helps companies automate all their calling activities: sales, customer service, research, and appointment setting. With the main steps automated and organized by the system, agents can focus on winning deals or serving their customers. With LeadDesk, team leaders also get easy access to campaign management and reporting to stay on top of things.

      Since its launch in 2010, they became the leading cloud service vendor in sales and customer service in the Nordics and their software is used by well over 1,000 customers around the world with seven local offices across Europe.

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