Top 10 Slush Startups to Watch in 2024

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      12 December 2023 (updated: 12 December 2023) by  Natalia Paczuska Natalia Paczuska

      We conducted thorough research, delving into Slush 2023 to uncover the enterprises that are pushing limits, revolutionizing industries, and reshaping the playbook for the years ahead, starting from 2024.

      Slush 2023, one of the most anticipated tech conferences, brought together innovative minds from around the globe to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. Among the plethora of startups that participated, 10 stood out for their unique solutions and potential to disrupt industries. Let's delve into these promising ventures that have caught the attention of investors, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders.


      Aila is the solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) committed to achieving substantial CO2 emission reductions. With automated carbon footprint calculation, a marketplace for emission-reducing products/services, and robust reporting tools, Aila streamlines the green transition for businesses. Recognizing the urgent need for emission reduction at the source, Aila consolidates essential information and solutions on one accessible platform. By addressing SMEs' common challenges - lack of resources, knowledge, or skills - Aila saves valuable time and effort, empowering businesses to make meaningful strides toward sustainability.

      Founders: Juulia Karjula (CEO), Meliina Räty (COO)


      PikaPay, previously featured in the Arctic15 article, continues to innovate in the fintech sector. This Finnish startup is revolutionizing the grocery shopping experience by introducing a state-of-the-art mobile shopping and payment system. With a dedicated focus on enhancing convenience, simplicity, and efficiency, PikaPay offers a mobile payment app that enables swift and hassle-free in-store transactions. Say goodbye to long queues and the inconvenience of handling cash and coins – PikaPay simplifies the shopping experience. Just locate a PikaPay tower, scan your products, and make a payment effortlessly, ensuring a seamless shopping journey.

      Founders: Juuso Käyhkö, Oskari Hervonen, Teemu Ketonen


      OASYS NOW stands as a Personalized Health Platform, pioneering the way patients access Clinical Trials through automated matching based on their unique data profiles. With a commitment to making personalized healthcare universally accessible, OASYS NOW ensures inclusivity, reaching even the most uncommon health conditions. The team, diverse and interdisciplinary, specializes in the secure and ethical reuse of health data.

      At OASYS NOW, the emphasis is on empowering individuals with control over their most sensitive health data, including DNA. Users can gain personalized health insights and explore relevant clinical trials tailored to their profile. Additionally, the platform allows users to contribute to research by voluntarily donating their data, thus expediting treatment options for others. Founded in 2018 in the Netherlands.

      Founders: Nima Salami (CEO), Sara Okhuijsen, Viktor Koppenol


      Daysave is a pioneering force in FinTech, dedicated to expanding opportunities for financial freedom. The company is at the forefront of building the next-generation, personalized solution for managing savings and earning interest. Daysave's innovative approach caters not only to workers and students but also to individuals with diverse interests beyond traditional financial pursuits. The financial health app empowers users to start saving money and earn interest tailored to their spending behavior, offering a personalized and accessible avenue for individuals seeking greater control over their finances.

      Founders: Calvin Otewa (CEO), Kasper Nevalainen

      daysave appSource:Daysave


      HAYSTACK, a dynamic Swedish startup, is reshaping the landscape of social connections. This innovative platform allows users to connect through engaging virtual games and activities directly within the app. Utilizing AI-based matching, Haystack suggests the best connections based on personality types. What sets it apart is its commitment to user engagement, with a continuous stream of new activities, games, and content.

      Developed with user needs in mind, Haystack is gearing up for its imminent launch on mobile platforms, offering a seamless way for users to connect with people globally. The platform not only enhances the efficiency of social connections but also makes them more enjoyable.

      Founder: Björn Hortell (CEO)


      Foodsi, a Polish startup, tackles food waste through its innovative app. Users redeem surprise packages of surplus meals from participating restaurants, saving perfectly good food from being discarded. The concept earned Foodsi recognition, including a spot in My Company magazine's Rookie of the Year, top fifteen in the Aulery 2022 competition, and the title of Startup of the Year 2023 by The app's success highlights the power of technology to address global issues and promotes a sustainable and conscious approach to dining.

      Founder: Mateusz Kowalczyk (CEO), Jakub Fryszczyn


      Commu, a groundbreaking startup founded by three visionary entrepreneurs, introduces a free mobile app designed to foster community engagement. With Commu, asking for help and extending assistance in your nearby area has never been easier.

      This innovative mobile application serves a diverse user base, including private individuals, organizations, and companies. The founders of Commu are driven by a shared goal: to simplify the process of seeking and offering help, believing that this can play a pivotal role in nurturing a sense of community and reducing feelings of loneliness.

      Commu is not just a platform; it's a social initiative that encourages users to give and ask for help, engage in conversations, lend a listening ear, and volunteer within their community. The app's success speaks volumes, as it was honored as Finland's Digital Act of the Year 2022. In just a year, Commu has become the largest platform for mutual assistance in Finland, recognized for its impressive user growth, contributions to Ukrainian aid, and overall positive impact on society.

      Founders: Ronnie Nygren (CEO), Karoliina Kauhanen, Sami Ekmark

      commu appSource: Commu


      We previously highlighted Forte in the Arctic15 article, and their continued success merits acknowledgment. Originating from Finland and founded in 2022, Forte is transforming talent management with its groundbreaking talentAI platform. Powered by artificial intelligence, Forte aims to elevate career progression and optimize the alignment of talent with suitable work opportunities. Through automated processes, they streamline talent acquisition, generate CVs for proposals, and cut expenses by 60%, all while ensuring the formation of high-performing teams and strengthening talent retention.

      Forte's central objective is to alleviate the burdens of talent managers, supervisors, and colleagues through intelligent AI automation. Their focus is on fostering the growth and development of individual careers, aligning them with projects that match their future aspirations. With Forte, both talent and organizations can flourish, thanks to their innovative platform that empowers success for all involved parties.

      Founders: Jan Valkonen (CEO), Antti Kivalo, Sampsa Geijer, Tiina Lappalainen, Otto Huhta


      ReMinded pioneers HealthTech with a portable device that simplifies identifying and preventing internal health conditions. Their mission is to empower individuals proactively, bridging the gap between physical and mental health. By combining insights from neuroscience, psychology, and technology, they offer a comprehensive solution for a healthier, more balanced life. 

      Founders: Annika Lundström (CEO), Adil Shah, Emilia Vartiainen


      JustHealth is revolutionizing oncology healthcare with a patient-centric focus. Committed to a continuous and holistic care experience, the startup develops scientifically validated digital tools for cancer care planning, medication intake, and side effect monitoring. Bridging the gap between online and in-person care, JustHealth ensures users receive exceptional support at every stage of their healthcare journey.

      Founders: Oliver Ullrich, Maximilian Roederstein

      Summing up

      The startups unveiled at Slush 2023 represent the forefront of innovation, each bringing a unique solution to address contemporary challenges. From environmental sustainability to cutting-edge technology in finance and winter sports, these ventures are poised to make a significant impact on their respective industries. As they continue to develop and grow, these startups are worth keeping an eye on for the potential transformations they may bring to the global business landscape.

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