5 Mental Health Startups in Scandinavia to Keep Your Eye On In 2021

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      4 February 2021 (updated: 19 March 2021) by  Patrycja Paterska Patrycja Paterska

      The majority of our daily activities have moved to digital, and taking care of our mental health is no exception.

      With the sudden violation of people's lifestyles, technology adoption accelerated, unveiling market opportunity for digital mental health solutions & treatment.

      As a part of our bigger series highlighting the most promising and interesting startups worldwide, we are now presenting you a glimpse of the Scandinavian market and some of their innovative mental health solutions. 

      Top 5 Mental Health Startups in Scandinavia


      Lifekeys aims at reducing barriers to getting psychological help: both in terms of accessibility and societal acceptance. They are on the market since 2017. They established a secure and stable position, building their expertise around mental health awareness and sharing experts' insights with the community. 

      Lifekeys users have access to online therapist consultations, coaching courses, and seminars with mental health professionals. They can easily book a session or a series of sessions, using a special calendar, without going outside, in the comfort of their own home.


      Braive develops an evidence-based iCBT treatment to help fight common mental health challenges. It focuses on readily available programs and courses for self-help and self-development. Users can choose coaching videos or, if they feel lost, fill out a Braive beginner survey to get personalized recommendations on where to start.

      The team wants to reduce the treatment gap, make therapy more accessible to more people by lowering the costs that come with it. They secured $1.2M funding in 2018.


      BlueCall is a solution to keep your employees sane at work, equipping them with techniques to deal with stress, anxiety or personal crisis at work.

      Apart from everyday mind training activities and courses employees can enroll in, BlueCall offers anonymous individual counseling and experts’ consultations.

      The key goal behind BlueCall is to improve the employees’ mental health by stimulating their focus, self-confidence and motivation.

      Flow Neuroscience

      Flow is a revolutionary depression treatment, medically approved for at-home use. The team strives to deliver a solution that will mitigate the risks of side effects commonly associated with antidepressants.

      Flow consists of two elements, a novel headset to stimulate your brain and a companion Flow mental health app to reinforce the psychological treatment. It teaches the user basic techniques commonly known in behavior therapy.

      The app is based solely on approved psychological research and neuroscience. The virtual therapist inside the app guides the user through more than 50 therapy sessions and gives step-by-step instructions on how to improve in various areas of life: sleep, diet, meditation.


      Not your usual mental health routine, but maybe it should be? Naardic provides on-demand fitness training sessions via video. In the times of social distancing, they were among the first and the fastest to move the gym online. Users pay a subscription fee and get access to a recording of their choice. Apart from Tabata, Zumba, cardio, muscle building, you can also try yoga or special training where a whole family can join in.

      Naardic also provides live training videos with professional trainers. You can book your spot using their calendar, which looks very similar to your usual gym calendar, specifying the activity, difficulty, and the language in which the session will be held. They secured $450k VC funding in August 2020.

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