Top 10 Arctic15 Startups to Watch in 2024

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      13 June 2024 (updated: 13 June 2024) by  Maria Pradiuszyk Maria Pradiuszyk

      The European startup scene is buzzing with fresh ideas, disruptive tech, and visionary founders. At Arctic15, we found many startups changing the game and setting new trends. See our personal top 10 startups from Arctic15.

      We are excited to share our top picks from Arctic15. We went to the event, checked out every startup, and brought you the best of European innovation. These startups are breaking ground and transforming industries, many of them using AI to outdo their competition. Here’s what our own attendees said about the event:

      Jakub Madej (BDM): During the event, we encountered a wide range of startups, spanning industries from drones to audiobooks, FMCG, and baby care. What connects them all is their innovative use of AI. This proves that AI affects all industries and how hot AI is, with many companies using it to get investors’ attention. And speaking of investors, they were slightly more present than at other recent events, so the Nordic startup ecosystem is back in growth.

      Anna Elwart (CEO): Arctic15 has great networking opportunities, especially in the dedicated networking area that makes conversations easy without the need to shout. We had the chance to meet many inspiring entrepreneurs and founders with innovative, trailblazing ideas.


      Nucu is a Finnish startup that offers the Nucu Pad, a multisensory device that helps babies sleep by replicating womb-like sensations, and the Nucu app, connected to the device, to monitor baby’s sleep. Their products are based on the latest research in child development, giving parents reliable and effective tools for child care. It uses safe sounds, vibrations, and real-time monitoring to create a calming sleep environment for babies. Developed with neonatal care experts, the Nucu Pad has been used in NICUs and was made available for home use. It supports sleep development and gives parents peace of mind.

      Founders: Juha Hannula, Marco Suvilaakso

      nucu baby app

      IndieDrinks Direct

      IndieDrinks Direct is a cloud-based platform founded in 2019 that allows small drinks producers to skip traditional distributors and go direct to international markets. This partner-driven web platform optimizes the supply chain, reducing logistics costs and environmental impact. IndieDrinks gives producers control over pricing and marketing, and transparency in the drinks industry. The platform operates in Estonia, the UK and Thailand.

      Founders: Alex Klaos, David Ghani

      Beagle Systems

      Beagle Systems is a German startup that operates a network of long-range drones providing on-demand aerial data. Their drones offer high-res images and data for agriculture, energy, and infrastructure. With their recent partnership with SuperVision Earth, they now integrate satellite and aerial imagery to cover critical infrastructure inspections. Beagle Systems is one of the first in Germany to get EU approval for long-range drone flights over rural areas. Their services are cost and risk-efficient and deliver data fast for all use cases. In February 2023, they received €2M for the development of their autonomous drone network.

      Founders: Jerry Tang, Mitja Wittersheim, Oliver Lichtenstein

      beagle systems


      VitalSigns is a Finish startup that developed a smart, multi-functional device that adds to the traditional stethoscope by integrating multiple biosignals and using AI for analysis and diagnostic decision support. This will reduce examination time and increase diagnostic accuracy, making medical professionals more efficient. Their business model is a subscription for AI-based data analysis in the cloud. VitalSigns wants to improve healthcare, especially for underserved populations.

      Founder: Alexis Kouros

      Make a BIM

      Make a BIM is an AI startup founded in March 2023 in Helsinki, Finland. The company uses AI to create building information models (BIM) for smart cities, companies, and residential buildings from architectural drawings. Their service generates IFC2X3 or IFC4 models from scanned drawings, a cost and time-efficient solution that can be accessed via their website or API.

      Founders: Leo Saloma, Ville-Matti Tanninen

      make a bim


      Founded in December 2020, Grawindy developed core wind technology that can operate in low wind speeds and any direction without needing to be oriented towards the prevailing wind. This flexibility and ease of installation make it a cost-effective and accessible renewable energy solution. Their technology overcomes the limitations of current wind turbines, a sustainable and recyclable solution to reduce carbon footprint.

      Founders: Atilla Öztürk, Kaan Özkan, Aykut İçöz, Türkan Kızılkan, Gonca Kara Demir


      ForteAI is a Finnish company founded in 2022, a professional life assistant and talent network platform that uses AI to make job search and career development easier. Users can connect data from different sources and define career goals and ForteAI’s assistant will generate and send job applications (including a CV and cover letter) on their behalf. It’s all about eliminating the manual work of job hunting. For businesses, ForteAI is an advanced talent acquisition system that uses AI to find skills and competencies in their talent pool and match the right candidate to the right job.

      Founders: Jan Valkonen, Antti Kivalo, Otto Huhta, Markus Räikkönen

      forte ai


      AIBooks is a Finnish startup founded in 2023 that produces audiobooks with AI. By combining human voice recordings with AI technology they create high-quality audiobooks fast and cost-efficient, with no need for traditional studios and long recording sessions. Their service is a mix of AI and human narration, making the production faster and cheaper while keeping the audio quality high. AIBooks offers various genres and works with voice actors to ensure professional and ethical audiobook production.

      Founders: Pia-Christina Roth, Joel Roth

      EMMA Systems

      EMMA Systems is a SaaS-based, AI-driven platform that optimizes airport operations and management. It gives real-time and forecasted views of operations, visibility, predictability, and efficiency. EMMA helps airports, airlines, and stakeholders to make better decisions, reduce delays and manage sustainability parameters. The platform integrates multiple systems into one dashboard, to share information and coordinate operations.

      Founders: Wisam Costandi, Mohammad Hourani

      emma systems


      Apukuski is a Finnish logistics service that offers transportation, moving, and recycling services for individuals and companies. The platform allows users to book transportation services, including large item delivery, with guaranteed availability and transparent pricing. Apukuski partners with local companies to ensure efficient and reliable service. Their app simplifies booking, tracking, and payment processes, so users can easily manage their logistics needs.

      Founders: Arttu Hilli, Kimi Vierre

      Summing up

      The startups at Arctic15 are leading the way in new ideas, each with its own solution to modern problems. From airport logistics to drones, audiobooks to baby care, these companies will make a big impact in their field. As they grow and develop, these startups are ones to watch for the changes they will bring to the business world. We can't wait to see what the future brings them.

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