EL Passion Expands C-level Management: Tomasz Czarnik and Bartek Zaczkowski Appointed COO & CGO at EL Passion

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      4 January 2023 (updated: 4 January 2023) by  Patrycja Paterska Patrycja Paterska

      January 2023 marks new additions to EL Passion’s C-level executives: Tomasz Czarnik as Chief Operating Officer & Bartek Zaczkowski as Chief Growth Officer.

      EL Passion’s C-level consisted of Anna Elwart, the CEO and Michał Warda, the CTO, and now things are bound to change. Starting January 2023, we have two more people in our C-level and it's easy to say we’re incredibly excited about what this year may bring. 

      Anna Elwart, CEO: We are a great tandem with Michał Warda (CTO), but since we’ve started using DISC as a part of our company’s strategy, it became apparent we’re similar in a sense of uniting people over ideas that we’re passionate about, but as a board, we’re lacking people that feel confident structuring processes for our growing company.

      EL Passion’s Chief Operating Officer position has been empty for over a year since Grzegorz Kemski returned to programming and despite having the recruitment open we couldn’t find our perfect match. The last year has helped us realize what and who we need exactly to fill the gaps and have a fully fledged C-level, prepared to deal with different sets of challenges in the new reality. 

      Michał Warda, CTO: Tomasz Czarnik emerged as the candidate for the job. He’s a natural talent in terms of taking care of the company’s processes and information flows and he proved that countless times over these 5 years at EL Passion, two years acting as our Head of Business Development. He’s definitely the right person in the right place. 

      As the COO, Tomasz Czarnik will take care of the operations branch of the company, improving EL Passion’s internal processes and communication, as well as finances to some extent. 

      Tomasz Czarnik, COO: we are operating in a very competitive and dynamic industry which requires a high level of adaptability and flexibility. My goal is to ensure that whatever we do, our operations, processes, and communication remain smooth and efficient. On a personal level - I’m psyched about this opportunity. Not only do I feel that my efforts have been recognized, but most importantly this is simply a dream position for me. I’m truly excited about the perspective of making the work of everyone at EL Passion better and easier.

      In 2023, we’re planning to bring our Revenue team (Marketing & Business Development teams) closer together under one common goal

      Anna Elwart: It’s not a secret that our industry is entering a tough time — with the recession and stagflation in the background. Recruiting Bartłomiej in autumn was a part of our preparation for this exact moment. His promotion to EL Passion’s CGO is a next step we knew we wanted to take after his onboarding phase. Personally, I’m also contented that the EL Passion brand is strong and allows us to have access to the best talent pool on the market; Bartłomiej is definitely a proof of that. 

      Bartek Zaczkowski has been at EL Passion since September 2022, acting as the Head of Growth. Before that, for over 15 years he was helping companies outsourcing IT projects and teams, working in design & development studios, including DDS Poland and Moderna. He will use his experience to fuel EL Passion’s Marketing & Business Development teams efforts.

      Bartek Zaczkowski, CGO: The goal never changes. As the Revenue team, we hope to build and better our processes to help clients build their products and scale their teams; and at the same time, obtain projects we can be proud of, as designers, developers, and also as the Operations team. I’m really grateful for Anna Elwart’s and Michał Warda’s trust, and I need to stress that EL Passion is not only an inspiring company to be a part of, but a great community of great people where you can do cool things together, as a team.  

      We’re incredibly excited for the new year in this new setting and I feel we come well prepared for all its new challenges — for 2023, we assembled the C-level with a complementary set of skills and competencies that cover all our main areas of expertise, sums up Anna Elwart, CEO. 

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