Anna Elwart Appointed New CEO of EL Passion

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      22 October 2020 (updated: 29 August 2022) by  EL Passion EL Passion

      In November, Anna Elwart will take over Natalie Pilling’s responsibilities as the new CEO of EL Passion. Natalie will remain at the company as an independent advisor.

      Anna Elwart was the Managing Director at Resolution, a renowned media agency, when she decided to take up a new challenge. She will continue to change the world of digital, but from a quite different angle, as the CEO of EL Passion.

      Her expertise in digital marketing and digital strategy will complement the skills of the EL Passion C-level, Karol Sarnacki (Chief Technology Officer) and Grzegorz Kemski (Chief Operations Officer). She will also continue the international expansion strategy began by Natalie Pilling.

      On the change of environment, Anna Elwart commented:

      "I look at it as a natural shift in both: my career development, and my personal curiosity. My career has always been connected to digital advertising. But advertising, making people aware of the brand and what it offers, is just a fraction of the digital experience.

      To make it all work and be in sync, you need to optimize the whole experience. What I bring to the table? I understand our clients’ whole path. When you combine it with the experience of the EL Passion team, I think we can, pretty much, move digital mountains."

      Three questions to the new CEO, Anna Elwart

      What are you most excited about?

      "I like a challenge. Always have and always will. Someone would say that changing jobs in this environment we’re in right now, is not the most cautious decision. But I was never the cautious one. You can’t grow if you're cautious. We achieved so much at my previous agency, because our vision was constantly evolving. And I’m excited to see what challenges lie ahead for us at EL Passion."

      What were your first impressions on EL Passion as a new joiner?

      "The name actually says a lot about the team, and I was happy to discover it’s just true. This company is made of people passionate about what they do. Starting at the company with a setup like that? It’s a great head start. You cannot put a price tag on an attitude like that, it’s just invaluable. With the team we have, we can achieve anything we want."

      How do you see the future of EL Passion?

      "We have projects and experience that allow us to grow, diversify and expand. The goal is to use the expertise we already have to offer the best possible solutions to more clients and companies. And to deliver them in a real Agile way, as software should be delivered."

      Natalie Pilling, who is stepping down from her CEO role at the end of October, commented:

      "Recruiting a CEO is never an easy job. The most important thing for us at the C-level was to find somebody who would fit the company’s culture. Somebody who has a Manager’s experience, but also someone who brings the energy to take EL Passion further.

      You need to really want to take this responsibility on, especially in COVID times. Ania ticks all those boxes, but more importantly she genuinely convinced us. Not only with her resume, but also with her energy and can-do attitude. I’m really happy knowing that I’m leaving EL Passion in good (and passionate) hands."

      Natalie will remain at EL Passion as an independent advisor.

      She is stepping down to work full-time on Dare IT, an initiative that aims to support women who want to launch their career in tech and match them with employers looking for IT starters.

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