UX Design Services

Transforming business needs and user insights into a structure and building blocks of the product

A UX Designer during a Product Design Workshop

UX design means a lot of things, but it comes down to transforming product ideas into tangible results.

It’s all about creating both high-level architectural schemes to show the overall shape of the whole product and medium-fidelity wireframes of particular screens or pages.

Why do you need UX Design?

Good UX Design helps you to engage your users while ensuring positive impact on your business.

Bring your ideas to life

Quite often our clients have a sound business idea for a digital product. Our UX Designers have the processes and skills to transform it into a coherent architecture of features and screens. From paper sketches and low-fidelity wireframes for early validation through fully-fledged clickable mockups to test with users and excite the team (and the investors).

Ensure maximum usability

Our expert team is comfortable working from existing sketches and ideas from our clients, as well as creating full sets of wireframes for a digital product. Each small interaction is carefully crafted, peer-reviewed, and tested with users to ensure high usability for a wide range of users.

Avoid costly reworks

Wireframing and rapid prototyping help the whole product team to communicate better to catch and fix potential issues quickly. This in turn allows to avoid making costly reworks once the product is already in development.

Get to know the user’s perspective

The underlying principle of our design work in user-centricity. That means that we are building on our knowledge from past projects, but always search for validation and insight from the real users that would be the primary audience for a product. This gives the whole product team a unique perspective and make almost all decision-making much easier.

When to invest in UX Design

We provide User Experience Design services adjusted to your business' needs

Building a completely new product

Your product goes a long way from a concept to its development, but User Experience is in the center of it all. Involving UX Designers from the start of your product development can significantly improve the process, help you manage the project's risks, and address your users' real needs from the start.

Redesigning a product

UX design can differentiate your product on the market. Our designers know where to look for improvements and how to modernize or change the experience to help you achieve better results overall; in terms of conversion or brand consistency.

Adding an external perspective to your team

Many teams release the first versions of a product without a designer on board, which often results in accruing technical or design debt over the years. Including UX design in the process can provide advocacy for the user, give a fresh perspective on the usability of a system, or bring in knowledge from other industries.

Prototyping a concept product

Have an idea for an application and want to pitch it to potential co-founders or investors? We will select the most impactful features and tie up loose ends to deliver a clickable prototype of a digital product in just a couple of weeks.

UX design is an inherent part of a bigger picture

See the process we employ to deliver the best results for your business and your users

Product Design Workshop

Discovery Phase

User Experience Design


Development & Testing

User Interface Design

Our process behind UX Design services

In order to ensure maximum quality of design, we often employ both peer critique and usability testing with the target audience from the very first prototypes.

UX Architecture

Our team takes care of the whole product UX architecture, and does so holistically. We design all app's modules and screens, with utmost care for accessibility and usability for your end-users.

Wireframing & Prototyping

We start with wireframes, so a basic skeletal layouts of your end-product. They comprise a clickable low-fidelity app that focuses solely on functionality and content. When this is agreed on, we move to create prototypes. Prototypes are high fidelity models showcasing User Interface and project animations.

Peer review & user testing

All wireframes and prototypes are evaluated in peer review & user testing sessions. Thanks to that, we can detect and address all arising issues early on, so they don't become a much bigger and pricer problem in development.

EL Passion’s mindful UX decisions and UI design skills helped us simplify the overall Hyphen experience. Their work proved to be instrumental in our acquisition by Betterworks, an award-winning enterprise performance management solution.

Arnaud Grunwald@2x


Founder at Hyphen, now Chief Strategy Officer at Betterworks

How does UX design impact your business?

Design decisions impact your users' engagement, cost savings, and revenue.

Fixing an issue in a live product is more expensive than a change done in the ideation phase

Wireframing and rapid prototyping help the whole product team communicate better to catch and fix potential issues quickly. This in turn allows to avoid making costly reworks once the product is already in development.

UX Design is also business design

While many product owners have extensive domain knowledge, they often lack years of training that goes into building a user experience design skillset.
EL Passion’s horizontal expertise gives us unique perspective into what’s working in different industries, both design and business-wise.

Balancing value for both: the business and the users

UX designers help find balance between the business reaching its goals and the users not feeling pressured too much into being monetized and jumping ship. Eliciting features that bring value for both, the business and the users is one of the key elements while creating a successful digital product.

We helped newonce, an OTT media platform redesign their experience

We redesigned a leading lifestyle youth culture website — newonce with 500k unique users monthly. The team needed to maintain a unique style, yet to make it flexible enough to remain accessible for the user and future-proof for the business.

Companies that trusted us with their UX Design

What we deliver

Go with us for full product development or choose a service.

Product architecture

Visual outline of all of the screens and features of the product.

User flows

Defining the way to navigate through the interface in various scenarios.

Wireframes and clickable prototypes

Organizing layout and functions on the application’s screens, with basic interactivity to mimic the behaviour of the real application.

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All you wanted to know about User Experience Design

To explain UX Design, first we need to uncover the meaning behind UX itself. UX stands for User Experience, and usually when we say user experience we mean various ways people interact with a product. People might evaluate user experience according to the criteria of: needs (does it answer my needs?), usability (is it easy to use?), accessibility (can I access it freely with my capabilities?), and general impression, which may include: context and overall pleasure of using the product.

User Experience Design is the process of creating conditions that will create a positive impression for a person using the product. Decisions in UX Design are based on research, analytics, and usability testing with prospective users rather than opinions and one's aesthetic preferences. User Experience is also an indispensable element of the whole customer experience (CX) which comprises all experiences and interactions a person has with a product, or at times, a whole company.

The cost of designing an app is dependent on a number of factors: first and foremost, the app's complexity and your features roadmap; the number of platforms you want to include, your value proposition, industry, and overall design complexity.

However, one thing worth mentioning for every single product is this: divide the app's design and development into stages. What does it mean in practice? We help you squeeze the initial app design & development process into a maximum of 3-4 months, as this is the optimal timeframe to launch a production-ready application that is able to earn money, and at the same time it offers just enough value for the end-user. And we build from there.

Not prolonging the app's launch for too long has many benefits: you can release your new features based on real-time users feedback. It's also proven that it's generally more profitable to resolve one of your users' pain points and do it well rather than having it all from the very beginning. Digital product users are used to high quality products, and this usually is a critical factor determining an app's commercial success.

ROI of Design is no longer a whim, but a fact in a competitive market of digital products. Well-crafted UX Design can improve your market-fit and help address your users' needs better. Good UX can increase your conversion metrics helping you convert leads into paying customers. Mindful User Experience Design decisions can also improve customer retention and engagement.