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Determine your product’s bottlenecks to unlock its full business potential

UX Designer conducting a UX Audit

If you suspect that your product can’t quite reach its full potential, it may be high time for an UX Audit done by professional UX experts.

It is the quickest way to pinpoint weak areas of your digital product and unveil what is causing your users a headache and, as a result, impeding your conversions.

Why do you need UX Audit?

A UX Audit is a handful of ready-to-implement insights you can benefit from, both for now and in the long run.

Blind spots

When working on a product for a long time, teams tend to get used to how it works and become vulnerable to blind spots. An external expert provides a fresh perspective through all the layers of the user experience.

Keep up the good work

A full-on redesign every couple of years could result in removing some seemingly unimportant features that provide massive value for the users. It’s crucial to pinpoint these staple features and avoid dropping them without a very good reason.

The foundations

The next version of a product doesn’t need to chase competition with features. Your product is unique and its next shape should be built on a solid analysis of the current state of the experience.

Get the bang for the buck

Low-hanging fruit achievement unlocked: We help you find seemingly small improvements that can bear a huge impact on your product.

What can we do for you?

The magic behind audit is the power of triangulation - meaning combining insights learned from multiple sources. In order to provide maximum value, we aim to get a complete picture of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Expert evaluation

Our UX designer goes through your product’s interface to identify the barriers for the casual user, but also to reveal the features with the biggest potential you can build upon. You end up with a set of expert recommendations that serve as a good foundation
for your further product development.

User testing

Based on your target audience, a carefully selected group goes through your product’s interface. They complete basic tasks in order for us to see the product “out in the wild”. It is the best way to get the most valuable and unbiased feedback from the most valuable source - your prospective users.

Analytics data review

We implement tracking scripts onto your website or app to get an in-depth view into your users’ behavior. We determine the main success indicators and the biggest pain points. Quantitative data proves to be the most valuable when accompanied by User Testing or Expert Evaluation.

Accessibility audit

We examine if your product is easy to understand and easy to use. We look at how it behaves on various devices and in different settings. But we also give recommendations on how you can quickly improve to make it more inclusive for your users.

The Forrester study shows that on average every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return. That's a ROI of 9,900%.

What can you expect from us?

We know that each client needs a different product, and we want to be there for you, that is why we are flexible to deliver for you the results thats suits you best.

UX Audit report

A report of observations and insights, along with recommendations and references to best practices.

Summary workshop

We believe in close partnership with you product team, that is why conduct a workshop to present our results and work together on a roadmap to improving the product.

Backlog of recommendations

A list of recommendations and insights to guide the future redesign process of your product.

Presentation for stakeholders

Our Designers are able to deliver all UX Audit findings in a presentation to explain the changes to your stakeholders (optional).

The findings from the UX Audit with EL Passion provided us with food for thought for the upcoming months. It was detailed, covered all the aspects I requested and was delivered in a client-friendly manner.



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All you wanted to know about UX Audit services

A UX Audit is a tool helping you to pinpoint areas for improvement in your product. An experienced UX Designer goes through all the screens of your website or app and provides insights about the user journey, possible scenarios on why the users drop out, along with recommendations on how to fix it.

There are several types of a UX Audit, so you can find the type that specifically suits your business needs. Conducting a UX Audit with experienced User Experience professionals is a good introduction, before making the final decision to redesign your product.

A UX Audit can help you make business decisions based on research and data. It's also the quickest way to improve your product and find all the quick fixes that could significantly improve conversion and your users' journey overall.

A UX Audit should be conducted by an experienced UX professional who, by doing an expert evaluation, is able to detect all the product strong sides along with the issues. The core of an effective UX Audit is a set of thought through recommendations, so the person responsible should be experienced in the field of digital product design, and also, not involved with the product in any way to limit any bias.