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UX Audit

Determine your product’s bottlenecks to unlock its full business potential

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UX Audit is an expert evaluation of
your digital product's user experience.

It's the quickest way to discover what is causing your users a headache.

Why should you invest in a UX Audit?

  • We show you what to keep.
    We outline the things that are working well.
  • We tell you what to avoid.
    We determine what is not working within the existing user experience of your product.
  • We establish the next steps.
    We prioritise the refinements for the next version.
  • Low-hanging fruit achievement unlocked.
    We unveil seemingly tiny improvements that bear huge impact on your product.

UX audit service

We employ a modular approach to evaluate
your product's user experience.

You decide to get a 360-degree view by selecting all of the methods or picking just one of them depending on your needs.

Expert evaluation

Our UX designer goes through your product’s interface to identify the barriers for the casual user, but also to reveal the features with the biggest potential you can build on.

You wind up with a set of expert recommendations that serve as a good foundation for your further product development.`

User testing

Based on your target audience, a carefully selected group goes through your product’s interface. They complete basic tasks in order to identify the main UX problems in your product.

It is the best way to get the most valuable and unbiased feedback from the most valuable source, your prospective users.

Analytics data review

We implement extended tracking scripts onto your website or app to get an in-depth view into your users’ behaviour. We determine the main success indicators and the biggest pain points.

Quantitative data proves to be the most valuable when accompanied by User Testing or Expert Evaluation.

Accessibility audit

We examine if your product is easy to understand and easy to use. We look at how it behaves on various devices and in different settings.

But we also give recommendations on how you can quickly improve to make it more inclusive for your users.

What you get with our UX Audit service?

UX Audit Report

UX Audit Report

A UX Audit Report lists points of improvement for your product. They are sorted by priority, and they all come with possible solutions, so you can implement changes right-away.

Digitalized UX Audit materials

Digitalized UX Audit materials

High-level UX recommendations and insights empowering your future product redesign process.

A presentation (optional)

A presentation (optional)

A presentation held by our designers for your stakeholders. We will back up our UX findings and will enlist the benefits of UX changes.

Arnaud Grunwald ARNAUD GRUNWALD Founder at Hyphen, now Chief Strategy Officer at Betterworks EL Passion’s mindful UX decisions and UI design skills helped us simplify the overall Hyphen experience. Their work proved to be instrumental in our acquisition by Betterworks, an award-winning enterprise performance management solution.

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