UI Design Services

Establishing a coherent visual language and hierarchy across the whole product

User Interface Designers working on a product

Why do you need UI Design?

Good UX Design helps you to engage your users and achieve top business results

Make your product stand out from the crowd

An expression of a brand’s identity is not limited to a color palette or typeface. Crafting the visual hierarchy, screen layouts, depth, proper use of whitespace, and an icon set is is what distinguishes one product from another in today’s crowded markets.

Develop a coherent visual style

Both small apps and large systems need consistency to be successful out in the real world. Chances are, you do not want to mislead your users with same action represented in multiple ways. All great user interfaces are based on design systems, or documented with a style guide, therefore they are not just a set of pretty independent screens, but a consistent visual system that’s intuitive to use.

Keeping in touch with the future

Products that succeed in the long run are not only deeply rooted in conventions, but also responsive to the current (or future) trends. Only an experienced team that’s active in the design community can ensure that the style of your interface is never outdated.

A successful product is based on 3 most important criteria

and UI Design services can help you achieve them

It's useful, so it solves your users' specific problems

UI Design is not about shiny pixels, but rather the right pixels in just the right places — it needs to be useful for your target audience and address their needs.

It's usable so efficient and understandable

UI designers iterate on the designs to make the product an efficient and understandable solution. Accessibility is also a key design factor, making sure the product is inclusive and takes everyone into consideration.

It's desirable & easy on the eyes

A desirable product is one that makes the users feel better about themselves during an interaction and induces good emotions. It needs to fit your industry, the brand, and be attractive for the target audience.

We are proficient in delivering a full range of visuals for a digital product - that includes color palettes, typography, iconography, illustrations, and many more which end up as pixel-perfect screen designs.

The purpose here is dual - the visual language we craft needs to coherently convey the brand’s identity, but also adhere to industry conventions, trends and technical constraints.

Our process behind UI Design service


Before any User Interface project, designers set the visual direction for the product that is aligned with the client's brand and goals, but most importantly created with the actual users and their needs in mind. Moodboarding allows the team and the client to be on the same page before starting any design work. It's a great way to explore and test ideas.

Determine the visual style

After the initial moodboarding phase, designers are able to deliver the first draft of the solution concept and determine the visual style of the product, while still exploring various approaches.

Design full UI of screens

When a good foundation for the visual style is established, the team works on creating all screens for the product that are consistent with the overall vision. We usually work in 2-weeks-long sprints, which allows the client to give designers real-time feedback, convey users' feedback, and apply changes if necessary.

Craft a style guide or design system

Our designers can create a style guide or a full design system for your product at the end of the cooperation to help you scale your product more efficiently later in time.

Technical handoff

We know the UI design work does not end with the last designed screen and the key to making your product work is a good technical handoff. Our designers not only understand the technical constraints throughout the design process, but also deliver full specification for every screen designed in all desired states.

UI design is just a part of the product development cycle

See the process we employ to deliver the best results for your business and your users

Discovery Phase

Product Design Workshop

User Experience Design


Development & Testing

User Interface Design

What a UI Designer does?

A nicely crafted visual design can bring attention to your product, thanks to the inviting, great-looking surface of UI. But how exactly is it made?

Define the direction for the product’s identity

Does it need to be hip and trendy or do we want to keep everything clean and minimal? A Designer is equipped to help you decide, based on your brand's goals and your customers' needs.

Define or expand brand’s identity

A UI Designer is often involved in specifying how a brand identifies itself. They can support you in creating your brand's image from scratch, but also expanding it or refreshing it, if need be.

Design a solution addressed to a specific target market

UI Design is very much about research and creating appealing services to a given target group. UI Design services help you gain competitive advantage, increase brand awareness, all while staying true to your users' real needs.

Remember about technical limitations

A UI Designer has to understand the product and development limitations in order to design a product that can work within those limitations. Designers cooperate with developers to create solutions that are stunning, accessible, but also realistic to develop and work to your advantage.

Take responsibility and care of accessibility of the solution

Accessibility, so creating services with no barriers that could prevent a user from interacting or having access to the service, is one of the key elements in UI Design.

Listen to opinions and be open-minded about the project

Constructive criticism is what drives a product forward and allows you to cover all the bases you need it to. Listening to different opinions and staying open-minded about the UI design outcomes often helps you create a better-targeted solution for your users.

Thanks to EL Passion both desktop & mobile apps were launched successfully on time. They received over 180,000 installs in the first 6 months after the release. The team was super Agile. In the times of the pandemic we had to change the scope, stopped working for some time, and then got back to it - and they managed to adapt super quickly.

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What can you expect from us?

User Interface Design services are at the heart of the product development cycle and we make sure they're delivered as such.

Product UI Design

Visual designs of all the key screens of your product

Hand-off specifications

Full specs of the behavior of all features and their various states


Fully interactive (to some extent and scenario) representation of designed solution

Style guide

A simple document, describing all aspects of base visuals such as typography, colors, icons, base components and layout grids

Design System

A robust specification of how to construct new components and screens of the product

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All you wanted to know about User Interface Design

In simple terms, User experience (UX) can be understood as a whole experience a person has with a company's product or service. User Interface (UI) is more concerned about the look of this experience, so basically: all screens, buttons, visual elements that people interact with. UX & UI intertwine and are equally important when creating a digital product. In practice, it's hard to imagine one without the other.
If the UI of an app is stunning, but the UX, so your experience, makes the service unusable, you will probably switch, despite how much you may like how it looks. It's the same the other way 'round. If the UX is good and the product is a joy to use, but there are better-looking ones on the market, you will probably put your money elsewhere. This is why adjusting your product to the users' needs, both in terms of UI & UX can bear such an impact on an online business and why UX & UI are based on research and not just what feels right without backing it up.

In simple words, UI Design services stand for graphical layout of an application — the design of every button, window, image, entry field, but also all website or app transitions and interactions. The goal of UI Design services is to build your brand awareness, improve user interactions and as a result, boost the customers' satisfaction with your product.

By building a design system or a style guide, you can also improve your product's scalability potential and extend your product quicker, reducing the time spent on building new elements. The main guidelines are already there, so the hired designers can jump on the project quicker and do not need to stretch resources even for a small change.

Numerous studies revealed that customer experience is becoming the key brand differentiator, overtaking both product and price. Visuals create associations, from typography to the color palette they all contribute to the feeling of your product as a whole. User Interface that is well adjusted to your brand and your target audience has great potential to improve your customer retention, engagement, and strengthen your position on the market.