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Leverage one codebase to reach users on multiple platforms

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React Native makes cross-platform app development faster and cheaper for you, while still offering superior user experience compared to other cross-platform solutions.

Why choose React Native for your development?

Build native-worthy mobile apps that are scalable & UX-savvy and do it fast.

One codebase to rule them all

React Native utilizes JavaScript codebase for multiple platforms. It also allows for sharing and reusing most of the code between iOS and Android. By reusing the same code, you not only speed up the development process, but also require less resources: there is no need for separate iOS and Android teams.

Top-notch User Experience

The User Interface rendered by JavaScript feels more native to the user. And thanks to the possibility of using native languages in the React Native code you are not as restrained with the features, and you can develop crucial features in the platform’s native language.

Native-worthy app performance

Compared to other cross-platform development solutions, React Native’s “bridge” concept can be seen as revolutionary. Since React Native apps allow usage of natively written code it is not as laggy as web-based cross-platform solutions. The official claim is that React Native gives “native-like” performance, but it is not necessarily true, the best way to put it is that it gives “near-native” experience.

Faster development

React Native can speed up your development significantly on the developers' side and there are two reasons for it: the first one is the growing developer community that allows for more third-party integrations and fixes to all the existing problems. The second one is React Native's hot reloading feature that eases out the coding process and allows developers to see all changes in code in real-time.

React Native - a superior choice for startups

Here's why React Native may be the best choice for your startup:

Wallet-friendly option

Navigating with Tight Budget can be a major obstacle when it comes to startups. That’s where React Native comes to the rescue. Choose React Native to reduce development costs by up to 40% compared to native app development.

Best for prototypes & MVP

Start with building the prototype to validate your concept before investing significant resources. Develop an MVP and attract your potential investors. React Native allows you to develop the prototype quickly and efficiently.

Be the first to launch

Quicker time to market when choosing React Native allows you to stay ahead of the game. Launch the app before your competitors to establish the brand, gain market share, and start generating revenue sooner.

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With React Native you can

Use one codebase for two platforms

Spend fewer resources on app development

Enter the market as quickly as possible

Reach more users on multiple platforms

EL Passion apps interfaces

With EL Passion's help, we were able to deliver a major redesign just on time for our demo at the Slush conference in Helsinki, as well as release a total rewrite and redesign of a critical app on React Native.



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Utilize EL Passion's projects generator tool that speeds up your project's development

Flounder, our internal tool, allows you to save time & money on your project's setup. With the use of generic templates we're able to deliver features faster and hence, make them cheaper for you.

New project's setup

delivered in hours not days

Automated test environment deployment

internal tests for Android and TestFlight for iOS

User authorisation, login, and registration

speeded up with AWS & Cognito Hosted UI

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All you need to know about React Native

React Native is an amazing choice for mobile apps with a responsive and seamless user interface as well as a quick loading time. It is often used for social-media apps like Instagram or Facebook. With React Native, you don't have to compromise to achieve full functionality and high quality.

React Native uses native components to generate a user interface (UI). This makes the app feel and look like a regular native app, but also adds more flexibility. This means that React Native is a better choice if you’re looking for a time-efficient and cheaper alternative to native app development.

React Native is an excellent choice for startups that need to build a seamless cross-platform application while having limited resources. React Native allows you to develop your product faster, cheaper, and easier, compared to native methods.