AI Transformation Workshop

Learn to maximize your business potential thanks to AI, with AI experts

AI Transformation Workshop is a great opportunity for those having FOMO about AI, as 42% of big companies deployed the first AI tools.

During one intensive day with our AI experts, we'll dive into your business, discover your challenges, and identify how AI can help you solve them.

The process behind AI Workshop

During a one-day AI transformation workshop, you'll discover the capabilities of AI tools and learn how you can utilize and implement them in your specific use-case.

Demistify AI

Gain a clear understanding of AI's core concepts, capabilities, and current trends across various industries.

Identify your AI potential

Discover concrete ways to leverage AI in your specific context through interactive discussions and case study analysis.

Build your AI roadmap

Learn how to validate, prioritize, and prototype your most promising AI use cases using practical tools and techniques.

Navigate implementation

Explore best practices for scaling and monitoring your AI solutions while mitigating potential risks.

What can you expect from us during AI Transformation Workshop?

Hands-on prototyping session using our user-friendly platform: BuildEL

Interactive group discussions to discover your pain points

Actionable insights and a roadmap for taking your AI journey forward

Expert guidance from a seasoned AI facilitator

EL Passion enabled us to achieve our business goals with their solution. Thanks to the AI-based engine they developed, we managed to grow our sales on old products with more than 4.5M EUR during one seasonal sale alone. The solution will continue to have a huge impact on Varner’s long-term margins.

Andreas Gallefoss

Andreas Gallefoss

Product Manager at Varner

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging the latest AI advancements

Michał Warda

Head of AI Research & Development

Discuss your needs with our AI expert and the creator of BuildEL.

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Michał Warda AI Expert

Start using AI like we already do

Learn about real-world examples of AI streamlining business operations that we implemented.

The potential of AI-based tools

Automate repetitive tasks like transcript preparation from meetings to free up valuable employee time and save on administrative costs.

Knowledge-based chatbots

Utilize AI for customer service and support operations to save on staffing and training costs while offering 24/7 support.

Real-life impementations

Learn how EY leverages a virtual AI compliance officer to automate tasks and potentially save millions in compliance costs by reducing human error and streamlining processes.

BuildEL - our custom AI tool

BuildEL team specializes in automating manual processes for large organizations, including email categorization and task automation.

Application Integration

improve your user experience by implementing AI tools

Data analysis

Leverage AI-enhanced data analysis to gain leverage in making data-based business decisions

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