Boosting a Fashion Retailer’s Sales Margins by 4.5 M Euro








Varner Gruppen is one of Northern Europe’s biggest fashion retailers with almost 1400 stores, mainly in Scandinavia. Under one roof, they unite brands like Dressman, Bik Bok, Carlings, Cubus and others.

A challenge to optimize sales for a big retail operation

Varner needed to track and adjust all items’ prices as well as run campaigns based on their current stock status. To meet the objective we created an AI-based dynamic pricing and campaign engine. The goal was to optimize sales and, on the other end, to provide customers with the most personalized experience possible.


Flexible & custom-made Markdown feature

The Pricing and Campaign engine was to replace the old functionality based on third-party apps. Now, with the fully custom-made Markdown feature, Varner is able to easily optimize the tool to their current needs as well as seamlessly build additional features.

We were able to build a stable application that, just in a few months, increased Varner’s revenue by 4.5 M EUR, demonstrating a proven impact on the sales and campaign optimization.

Our main focus was to maintain maximum functionality and efficiency of the tool, especially considering the scale of the project. The engine had to be fast and responsive while handling databases with more than 1 M items.


A complex ecosystem of tools

The whole campaign optimization platform, also built by EL Passion, along with the engine itself is integrated with numerous other Varner internal tools.
On the user’s end, the engine provides customers with better-targeted insights on the ongoing campaigns and will offer highly personalized prices in the nearest future.

EL Passion enabled us to achieve our business goals with their solution; we managed to grew our sale on old products with more than 16% during one seasonal sale alone. The solution will continue to have a huge impact on Varner’s long term margins. They are knowledgeable experts willing to take ownership of the project, and they delivered a quality solution ready for implementation.

Andreas Gallefoss@2x

Andreas Gallefoss

Product Manager at Varner Gruppen


  • nodejs@3x

    Node.js (Nest.js)

  • typescript@3x


  • react@3x



  • A campaigning platform with test coverage above 95% on both, backend and frontend.

  • Synchronization with an AI-based price optimization engine.

  • Export of extensive highly-configurable price lists to all offline stores.

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