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About the client

Runwell aims at redesigning the old way of operating hospitality businesses like pubs, hostels, restaurants and more. The app eases out their operations by organizing administrative work, so business owners can focus on their business’ core value: their customers. 

Runwell raised 2.8M€  from Innovation Norway as well as a number of private investors and launched their first public beta in September, 2022. After approximately 100 locations used the product for a few months, in February, 2023, the app launched its first public version.

Runwell - hospitality business management platform

How we helped Runwell

Maintaining a hospitality business equals tons of paperwork and administrative work. Doing it well is not only a challenge, but it also requires a lot of resources, time, and effort.

This is where Runwell comes into place — the app is there to unify, organize, and better hospitality businesses’ administrative side of things. And we helped the Runwell team develop the product from day 1. 

The core value behind Runwell is to store all important documentation in one place with custom notifications when they expire and need to be renewed.

Building tasks features in a hospitality business management platform

Key information at hand

The app offers a quick link to access all relevant documents for a given location e.g. organizational chart, liquor license, serving license or other PDFs that were uploaded during the location’s onboarding.

HSE goals covered with one button click

Runwell simplifies the process of the location’s HSE compliance and revolutionizes taking care of it on a micro and macro level. First of all, the HSE overview plans can be automated. They are presented in a clear and understandable way and summarizes all actions and information that take place elsewhere in the system. The specialized “Tasks” feature allows linking all HSE goals and procedures for the location as well as risk analyses with focus area for the given year, and more.

Inspection button for Hospitality Business Management Platform

All inspections are easy with Runwell — with just one button click, the app gives you all the necessary documents, permits, and previous feedbacks in one place.

Team & tasks 

Runwell offers different types of accounts for all employees and their roles within a location. Each role determined access to tasks and responsibilities, as well as courses a person can or should take. All are customizable, but Runwell offers a level of standardization out of the box to speed up the process for each location’s onboarding. 

Courses & training 

With Runwell all employees have access to relevant statutory courses with an option to adjust it to the specific needs of a given location. Since some courses are mandatory and needed for various inspections, the tab’s overview can be found on the location’s main dashboard along with an overall percentage of completed courses.

Runwell's service providers tab

Thanks to EL Passion we have a product to sell. Moreover, thanks to the backend choice suggested by them, we can scale our business and add new features to increase our offer to the market. The product allowed us to raise funds and launch it to the public. Our partnership has been great and more than what we originally expected.


Harald Larssen Lønning

CEO at Runwell


To comply with HSE Runwell uses feedbacks to prevent nonconformities in a workplace. Soon to become a central part of the system, it allows all employees to provide feedback visible to everyone or to admin exclusively (as a personal confidential report). Runwell allows nonconformity management with features like chat (to supply new information), reporting status (e.g. in progress, completed), and risk: used to determine the event’s risk to repeat. 

Third-party service providers 

Location’s admins are able to add their third-party suppliers to Runwell and let the app send automatic notifications and updates to the partners. The feature also enables notifications about when the time for an annual check-up comes, stores all provider history, agreements, and contracts all in one place. 

Runwell not only simplifies the HSE compliance for hospitality businesses out there, but goes one step further: helping them navigate all operations holistically for better & more efficient management.


  • react@3x


  • typescript@3x


  • nextjs


  • nest-js@2x


  • figma@3x



  • 3 apps (main app, display app, admin app)

  • Anonymous sign in to display app based on generated code

  • Permissions system shared between BE & FE using CASL

  • Stripe integration and in app functionalities restrictions based on selected plan

  • Typeform integration allowing to take courses by employees

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