Petsy UX & UI Case Study


Connecting pet parents with pet sitters



UI & UX Design





The client

Petsy is a Polish start-up dedicated to finding pet sitters. The platform aims at connecting pet parents with pet sitters.

Petsy allows you to discover, book, and manage personalized care for your pets, including walks and pet care. Stays and walks are securely booked and paid for on 

Petsy's website offers consultant support, provides tools to help run the pet sitter's business and a calendar to manage orders. In addition, they have a customer billing tool along with training and access to pet care knowledge.


Accessible and user-friendly design 

Petsy needed an easy to use and easy on the eye tool to pleasantly and safely find a pet sitter. The site connects and provides security for both pet parents and pet sitters. 

The target audience is pet parents who want to find a trusted pet sitter and pet walkers/sitters - from students to retired people, to working professionals who want to develop a career as a pet sitter. 

UX choices allow several pet sitters to be compared with each other according to the requirements that are important to the owner. 

On a design level, it was important that the pet sitters search engine have all filters that are relevant from a pet parent’s perspective. We surveyed a large group of people who own dogs and cats to analyze what might be important from a pet parent's perspective. This made the search and filtering criteria very useful and in line with the thinking model of pet parents.


Pet sitters’ profiles and rating system

From a customer perspective, the market lacked a site where pet parents could find the right pet sitter and select one based on their profile, skills, reference prices, and ratings of other users. 

With the feature to view pet sitters profiles, you can get to know them better, learn about their expertise and range of services, what conditions they live in, and check individual pricing and appointment availability.

What is important is the pet sitter rating system, which is based on reviews from other users. This way you know that you are connecting with the perfect pet sitter to care for your pet.


Users’ security

It’s essential that all members feel safe and taken care of when they connect online. That’s why we designed a page for pet sitter registration, where a candidate provides data necessary to verify the user. This allows pet parents to verify the identity of the pet sitter and verify their communicativeness.

Boosting Petsy’s market entry

Petsy needed to get on the market quickly. To enable that, we used Material Design, an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design. It’s not only intuitive and known for the end-user, but it also boosts the app’s development, as developers don’t need to create custom solutions from scratch.



  • Figma


  • material-components@3x

    Material Design


  • Low-fi mockups

  • Pixel-perfect mockups

  • Workshops with developers, to explain assumptions and logic behind Petsy

  • Microcopy and small interactions that occur on Petsy

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