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Nixa connects IT talent with their next remote position. Their platform is a very much needed link between the technical talent and companies looking for IT employees, with utmost focus put on the skills and expectations match on both sides. They were recently acquired by Amby and incorporated as a part of Amby's service portfolio.


Nixa needed to revamp their platform to fit the expectations of the growing number of users and companies and boost their competitive advantage on the European market. We were responsible for the whole process of design and development of their refreshed version of the platform.

Nixa offers three types of accounts on their platform and they all needed to be taken care of, mindful of the company’s business logic. We took care of the platform holistically, eliciting the main values for all types of accounts: admin, candidate, and company.


Onboarding paths for candidates & companies

Onboarding is the key element for any recruitment platform. Nixa offers elaborate separate onboardings for hiring companies and for candidates. 

The candidate’s onboarding comprises numerous steps, including an extensive background check, technical and placement tests (to speed up the candidate’s scoring and ranking), and, on top of it, a Calendly integration to facilitate the interview booking. The whole onboarding process is designed in a way to help admins decide on the candidate’s tech proficiency. 

Matching candidates with well-fitted job ads

Nixa’s complex backend is able to assign scoring to all candidates simultaneously easing out the selection process for the hiring companies. Companies can also allocate weights to all candidates to simplify the recruitment process even more.

Matching candidates with potential remote employers is one of the core values of Nixa. It allows companies to get access to fitting candidates sooner and with no fuss as everything is automated.


Sophisticated Admin panel

Nixa’s admins are actively partaking in all recruitment processes, so the app’s admin panel is the heart of the app that needed to offer a matching, sophisticated look that is also intuitive to use. Admins also have access to the candidates’ shortlists full management, candidates list management, and can send notifications directly to the candidate or the given company’s profile. 

Custom notification system to improve the recruitment process

To improve the speed of the recruitment on both ends, Nixa was enhanced with a custom email and platform notification system that sends prompts to companies and candidates about the status of their listing or candidature for a given job ad. All emails were tailored to fit the Nixa’s brand look and feel.



  • react@3x


  • typescript@3x


  • nodejs@3x


  • nextjs


  • figma@3x



  • Full design & development of the app, including separate onboardings for all account types, job ads, recruitments’ statuses & paths, candidate & company profiles

  • Functional and stunning admin panel serving Nixa’s business goals

  • Visually appealing custom notification mailing system

  • Integrations with third-party apps and necessary automations supporting Nixa’s business goals

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