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Redesigning a lifestyle portal celebrating youth culture



Product Strategy, UX & UI Design, Development


Web & Mobile




We redesigned and unified the newonce experience to help the team on their mission to reinvent content consumption across all media channels.

What we did

Design carrying stories

As a brand, newonce presents a modern but also a responsible approach to content and journalism. In their publishing they are commenting on the challenges of today’s reality and their voice is sharp and always to-the-point. Their platform is rooted in streetwear and hip-hop culture.

The redesigned newonce experience had to be unique & distinct for the users to easily identify with it and engage in the community. The aesthetic is deprived of any decorative components, and heavily inspired by brutalism, Bauhaus and Piet Mondrian.

Every element in the design is conscious and was created with a specific function in mind.

Fonts pay an immense role in consuming content, and we turned to Swiss Style to focus on cleanliness and readability.


What we did

A new app to unite a universe into one personalized experience

With completely new web & mobile apps, the company has introduced an ‘all the way’ user-oriented content platform, transforming the whole experience into a seamless and engaging interaction for all types of content, no matter how one wants to consume it.

Be it reading extensive articles, listening to on air radio station, exploring over 70 original podcast series on-demand, commenting and rating music albums, or just watching video productions produced in-house.

Users are encouraged to sign up for a more personalized experience and feed based on their interests, favorite podcast authors, musicians and their past activity.


The stats behind the newonce app

downloads in the first month
unique users a month
unique listeners to the radio on air (time <20 minutes)

The core newonce functionalities

  • Live radio station
  • Podcasts library
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Music database integrated with all types of
    newonce content with possibility to comment on artists and rate their albums
  • Feed personalization
  • Saving content for later
  • Following podcasts
  • Following editors
  • Dark / light mode


  • react@3x

    React, React Native

  • typescript@3x


  • nextjs


  • ruby@3x

    Ruby on Rails

  • figma@3x


  • sketch



  • a complete UX/UI redesign the whole newonce experience

  • a connected ecosystem of two media outlets (backoffice, user database)

  • API integrations (radio stream provider, podcast hub)

  • automated process of content migration (over 8000 articles from previous sites)

  • data scraping (over 16 million music records)

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