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UI & UX Design | Branding

mothership design

The Client

Mothership provides a state-of-the-art digital asset exchange, EU token marketplace and a serverless platform for hosting financial apps with a direct connection to the exchange. Integration with e-Residence allows for a quicker and easier KYC process for both individual e-Residents and companies, also acting as an additional layer of security.

mothership branding

The Challenge with Mothership Project

Mothership wanted to create a consistent identity for the Platform with the corresponding website and later the product. Since the website is accessible on all devices it was essential to use responsive design when creating both the brand identity and web design.

mothership brand design

New Brand Identity with EL Passion

We created a unique visual language based on isometric illustration and isometric pattern. We have chosen this perspective because it is a modern and very trendy take on illustration, especially for technology related sites and brands.

The key visual was inspired by the idea of Mothership as a hub for emerging startups. We created an M-shaped spacecraft which helps other smaller spaceships to launch on their own. The key visual also contains a pattern with an outline version of the spacecraft - it is a simplified version of illustrations for a consistent presence on the rest of the media. Logo refinement was focused on fitting the previous logo mark to the isometric grid to keep consistency with rest of the brand.

mothership new brand identity

The Outcome

As a result, EL Passion designers created a sleek, responsive and retina-ready webpage for the Mothership brand as a base for future development of the platform.