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The goal was to build iOS and Android apps, hand in hand with Docplanner internal team. And to do it fast.


DocPlanner is a platform comprising the consumer-facing marketplace on one end, and the cloud-based software for private healthcare providers on the other.

The client

They go by many names: ZnanyLekarz, MioDottore, Doctoralia, Znamy Lekar, DoktorTakvimi. When they all come together, they form Docplanner: the world’s biggest healthcare platform enabling patients to find the perfect physician and book an appointment online in seconds. Docplanner secured a total of €130M in equity funding. In their latest round (Series E) they gathered €80M.

The challenge

Docplanner wanted to design and develop mobile apps that would increase the share of their mobile bookings from 5 to 35 per cent.


Increasing conversion through iteration

Docplanner is available in 25 countries and languages. But it is not only the language that differs. Depending on the region, the apps offer different sets of features.
We proposed to deliver an MVP really fast and then, iteratively improve and optimize the application based on the real user behaviour and feedback. In the process, the developers also consulted the client on designing their API, which is now used not only for the mobile apps but also connects the web app with the management app for clinics.

A quick and effortless booking process

We reduced barriers for the user and made the booking process 2 steps faster. But that’s not everything. We suggested putting the login screen at the end, not the beginning as in the previous versions; not a common solution at the time.

The result is an application meeting the client’s business goals and seeing 20.000.000+ Unique Users monthly.

Maybe it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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