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The Client

They go by many names: Docplanner, Znamy Lekar, Doktor Takvimi, Znany Lekarz. When they all come together, they form Docplanner: the foremost online healthcare platform which enables patients to find local physicians and book appointments online.

Docplanner secured total $34M in equity funding in 4 rounds. In their latest round (Series C) they gathered $20M.

25 Countries
340 000 Bookings monthly
20 000 000 Unique users monthly
5 000 000 Doctor profiles

The Challenge

Docplanner is an app that is available in 25 countries in multiple language versions. But it is not only the language that differs. Depending on the region, Docplanner apps offer different sets of features.

Our goal was to deliver the iOS and Android apps together with the Docplanner mobile team really fast.

One Code Base

To deal with numerous combinations of language settings and features, we built one code base that is configured depending on the country’s requirements and so multiple compatible app versions can be created quickly. All the versions of the app are constantly monitored by CI (continuous integration) servers.

As fast delivery was crucial for the client, the collaboration process needed to be quick and smooth. Our mobile development team kept in constant contact with the Product Owner (Head of Mobile Development at Docplanner). Thanks to an effective decision process, we delivered high-quality apps on time.

Mateusz Mikulski Mateusz Mikulski Head of Mobile Development at Docplanner EL Passion does not make any promises they can't keep. They are open about how much quality work can be done. I was especially amazed by how well they integrated with our team.

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