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Rethinking the search tool for the leading sports card programme in Poland



UX Audit & UI Redesign


Web & Mobile



Benefit Systems’ most popular product, MultiSport card is used by over 1 million users daily; and they can’t be left with a poor search experience.


The client

Benefit Systems, the leading employee benefits card company, had a fully-functional search tool, practically ready to be shipped, when they approached EL Passion with a doubt concerning the feature’s lacking user experience. We performed a thorough UX audit and presented potential ready-to-implement improvements, enhancing their existing solution in both UX and UI interface. 

The challenge

Benefit Systems’ Multisport is a loyalty programme allowing members to browse through an enormous variety of sport facilities. We knew that the search tool was the key feature of the product that could easily make or break the whole Multisport experience. 

The EL Passion team conducted a UX audit to bring out the errors and potential obstacles for the regular product user.


A wireframe prototype prepared after user testing sessions.

First: accessibility. User-testing allowed us to determine the key components for the Multisport Search tool.

User Testing to determine the product direction

From the very beginning, we worked according to our carefully crafted design process. We kicked off the project by meeting with the Benefit Systems product team to fully analyze their current position and to draft relevant scenarios for the user testing sessions.

Conducting 5 user tests allowed us to understand the main needs of the target market and hence, align the experience to the actual day-to-day product users. 

During the testing phase, we used Lookback, which not only enabled us to record and track all of the users in the testing phase, but also allowed us to update the Benefit Systems teams with the project progress in real-time.


Wireframe prototype which we did after user testing seassions



  • Adobe illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator

  • sketch


  • figma



  • A full search engine audit based on the user testing sessions.

  • Mockups of the newly designed solution.

  • User Interface project with full documentation.

  • Interaction animations designs.

  • UX recommendations for map in different search configurations.

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