Switzerland's Top Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2021

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      18 February 2021 (updated: 22 February 2021) by  Patrycja Paterska Patrycja Paterska

      Crypto Valley is known for its digital currency & blockchain startups. We chose the 5 most interesting ones to watch in 2021. 

      Swiss environment encourages growth thanks to the progressive political system, transparent legal system, and stable economy.

      Swiss education is tied with technology giving the world its best researchers and research institutes such as ETH Zurich or EPFL. When brought together, it makes Switzerland almost an ideal setting for pursuing digital innovation. 

      See our digital currency & blockchain startup picks from Zug, Crypto Valley.

      Switzerland's Top Crypto & Blockchain Startups in 2021

      Crypto Finance

      Founded in 2017, Crypto Finance provides blockchain-related services through asset management, brokerage, and storage. They want to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology in the global economy providing high-quality financial services.

      Recently, Crypto Finance published an interesting and quite a big claim on why all banks will need their own crypto-asset strategy.

      In 2020, they received $14 M, reaching their total funding capital of $37 M.


      Tangem produces NFC smartcards to access your cryptocurrencies and digital assets in a simple and secure way. Their goal is to create breakthrough solutions across finance, identity, and anti-counterfeit. With their cards and crypto-wallets (which have an NFC antenna and a Private Key inside), they create the shortest chain between you and the ledger, reducing any cyber attack possibility. 

      The validity of a Tangem smartcard and the assets its carrying can be checked with NFC in a smartphone app. 

      In 2019, they got $15 M funding, after being fully operational and ready to enter the market. 


      FRESCO is the world's first blockchain-based art digital asset network for artists, dealers and art organizations. Their tokens along with a dedicated platform built on an open decentralized database, opens the art market to a broader pool of art investors.

      Founded in 2017, FRESCO aims at simplifying the trust verification process in the art industry, and hence expanding the existing global art collecting scene.

      FRESCO’s plans include creating a museum in both digital and physical space to display curated artwork from artists on the platform. They want to host online exhibitions and rankings of artwork and artists based on the number of their FRES Trust. Their physical museum won’t limit visitors’ role only to being a spectator. The team wants to engage people in artwork promotion by showing their affinity and purchasing them on blockchain.


      Odem brings blockchain to education, aiming at refreshing the outdated infrastructure of education and training, and making them affordable, accessible and verifiable. Their marketplace directly connects employers, students and educators and has already attracted over 30,000 users from 166 countries. ODEM is working with a variety of universities, colleges and employers worldwide.

      Odem team call themselves the Airbnb of education, and obtained €2.2 M funding in 2018.

      Smart Valor

      Smart Valor was one of the first companies to embrace tokenization and decentralized Finance in Switzerland.

      They provide a marketplace for digital assets, as well as personalized portfolio management and brokerage services. Now, they are building a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, derivatives and security tokens.

      Smart Valor was acknowledged by Forbes as one of Europe’s 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs. They got $3 M funding.

      The Crypto Valley startups are maturing

      Crypto Valley gives its startups all the benefits of transparent legal & political system and access to innovation and some of the best research.

      The ecosystem now includes more than 800 active blockchain companies active in Crypto Valley employing over 4k professionals (2020). 

      Similar to Silicon Valley back in the day, Switzerland's Zug has the potential to grow into the world's biggest hub when it comes to digital currency and blockchain technology. 

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