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      3 November 2021 (updated: 29 August 2022) by  Anna Elwart Anna Elwart

      Why? Because empowering people who seek change and are not afraid to disturb the status quo is always the way forward.

      Why do we need hackathons?

      Hackathons bring developers, designers, and other software development professionals together to solve a problem or improve a product.

      The concept of a hackathon was born out of the open source community to promote coding and delivering software as a craft as opposed to a 9-to-5 job. A sense of community and prolific, creative atmosphere allow hackathons to produce tangible change both inside and outside the tech industry.

      Some of Facebook's cult features were developed during hackathons: the Like button, Facebook chat, and Timeline were all born at hackathons. LVMH or Kering, two fashion powerhouses (LVMH owns Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior while Kering is in charge of labels like Gucci and Saint Laurent) use hackathons to improve their brands’ sustainability. Even the Vatican hosted its first-ever hackathon in 2018.

      The long way to our very first open hackathon

      Many companies expect their employees to be innovative to come up with trailblazing ideas, and in general just deliver something awesome (often without defining it). But how can you expect that if you don't provide enough space, time, and inspiration for those ideas to be born?

      Hackathons at EL Passion have a long history. The one in November is actually our 24th edition. Before the pandemic, we used to hold hackathons twice a year. It was a time when everyone at EL Passion could explore their ideas, new technologies, and create something unique. But as we kept telling our friends about new exciting projects and the vibe of EL Passion hackathons, we would always get asked: “can I join next time”? And well, why not? 

      To enable that and make our events more accessible for people outside of our organization we decided to host it over the weekend. The previous edition was focused on “team integration meetings in a remote environment.” Others could join by invitation only - if you were referred by our team member or if you were a part of the Dare IT community, that often supports our initiatives.

      Hack4music&data - Hackathon by EL Passion & newonce

      This time, we’re fully open to the public. You can join our Hackathon on the 19th & 20th of November. This is both challenging and exciting. We haven’t announced the prizes yet, but there are already people joining in since day one! Doing good stuff is contagious, and we’re happy people want to be part of it.

      And how cool is that it’s not only your friends and colleagues that join in, but also your clients? We are thrilled that newonce decided to become our partner in this edition of the EL Passion’s hackathon.


      “There’s just so much to do when it comes to using the newonce data in practice. It’s not only an extensive music database, but there are also thousands of related articles and podcast records you can play around with to create something completely new. Stats & music analytics apps, music games, maybe even a Tinder-like app that links people with similar taste in music, to name just a few.”


      Piotr Zawada

      newonce Project Lead & Senior Frontend Developer at EL Passion


      During the hackathon, you will have access to our amazing and experienced mentors:

      • Gosia Chomentowska, Senior UX Designer at EL Passion
      • Jakub Dziedzic, Senior Product Designer at EL Passion
      • Adrian Lewtak, Lead Product Analyst at newonce
      • Michał Warda, EL Passion’s Chief Technology Officer
      • Piotr Zawada, newonce Project Lead & Senior Frontend Developer at EL Passion

      They will be there to give you a helping hand - no matter if regarding the technology, design, or your pitch for the demo - hit them up!

      Everything created during the hackathon will be available as open source under the MIT license. This way we can unleash our creativity, but also support the growth of the music industry in case you will want to develop your project further and see it in action.

      See you there!

      The hackathon will be held in Polish (this time!). 
      19th & 20th of November, 2021



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