6 Things About Our Recruitment Process - Explained by Our HR People Partner, Zuzanna Syrocka

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      7 May 2021 (updated: 29 August 2022) by  Zuzanna Syrocka Zuzanna Syrocka

      At EL Passion, we’re committed to our recruitment process and want it to be as transparent and seamless as possible for both parties involved.

      We created this guide to give you a more thorough overview of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

      1. Does your resume need to squeeze into one page?

      No matter the level of your experience, a resume is always better when clean and readable. The key factors are: information on your responsibilities and technologies you’ve worked with so far. It is a myth that a good resume should fit into just one page. What we’re looking for is: a thorough depiction of your experience in a clear and straightforward way.

      At EL Passion we always engage our tech team in our recruitment process.

      If you’re wondering if you should include a link to your Github page or design portfolio, the answer is yes.

      Thanks to that, we can see a sample of your work right away. If your experience on commercial projects is limited, check if the code and implementations on your Github page are fresh, so we can see your level right now and not from two years ago.

      For all Juniors out there: we know that limited experience does not equal lack of skill. It’s always a good idea to mention your university or freelance projects, courses you took part in, hackathons you participated in; all these things can contribute to a strong Junior position resume. Every finished project and month of learning counts and shows improvement even if you’re not aware of it yet.

      2. How to know if my knowledge level makes me a Junior/Mid/Senior?

      When hiring a Junior, Mid or Senior, we’re not only looking at the years of your experience. What’s more important for us is your knowledge, maturity, communication skills, your growth directions and goals. When it comes down to technical skills, we’re counting on your programming proficiency (even an applicant for a Senior position can be asked for the basics), your code readability, and your conscious choice when using a given solution etc.

      3. What to expect from the recruitment process?

      We want our recruitment process to be as seamless and effortless as possible. We value your time and the time of other parties involved, this is why our first rule is flexibility. One thing you can count on from day one is the contact with our HR team, which is there to explain our company’s culture and make sure that our expectations and goals align.

      The first step is your tech expertise assessment. Since it is hard to determine only with one conversation, we schedule a pair programming session to see how the candidate deals with code in real-time, deals with feedback, and generally what is their work routine.

      Sometimes we ask the candidate to prepare a task asynchronously which we can then work on together. Other times, we ask only for a code sample from one of your fresh projects. It all depends on your commercial experience.

      One of our main pillars at EL Passion is growth. Companies talking about growth may sound blurry and clichéd, but it really is what it is. We want our teams to grow, and help others grow and share knowledge. We organize internal hackathons, meetups, and we offer a self-growth budget you can invest into courses, conferences, training, whatever your needs and goals are.

      If we see potential in a candidate, we’re open to invest in it, and help the person grow and learn at EL Passion. One thing that’s hard to make up and overcompensate for is attitude. Our utmost priority in hiring a new member is culture-fit; we want our teams to feel safe, easy and accepted.

      4. 100% Remote recruitment challenges

      Since 2020 we are hiring 100% remotely. The remote setup gives rise to some new challenges; one of them is definitely getting to know the candidate better. To make sure the environment will be the right fit for the candidate, we usually set up meetings with other team members. This way, both sides can get a glimpse of what their future cooperation will look like.

      5. Feedback culture is strong with this one

      You can always count on hearing back from us, no matter our decision. When we invite you to participate in further steps of our recruitment process, you will receive a detailed feedback regarding our decision.

      We value transparency in recruitment, and believe that feedback is a crucial part of this process. When well-prepared it allows you (and us) to help you grow. We always try to include both, the strengths and the points for improvement in our answer to you.

      6. The Salary Formula - What is it, and why do we have it?

      At EL Passion, we use a specially designed Salary Formula to manage the team’s rates and promotions. The Formula is a mathematical equation that came to life thanks to the Design & Development Teams and our Team Leads. Some of the things it takes into account are: the level of experience, experience at EL Passion, other skills. Its main purpose is to maintain clear-cut and fair criteria for team members’ payment and promotions. The Salary Formula is tightly connected to the Career Path, which determines responsibilities and expectations on all levels of experience (Junior, Mid and Senior positions).

      Thanks to the Salary Formula, we don’t talk about salaries as something between the company and particular people, and we can start talking about a system in which everyone partakes. The Salary Formula means that employees don’t need to worry about getting a raise or a promotion, or ask for it. They are entitled and expected to get it right from the very beginning. Everyone knows what is expected of them.

      The offer we present to you is always based on the Salary Formula, our standard of working and other team members’ level. This way we maintain transparency and build trust in the company. Your expected salary is treated by us as a one of reference points, mainly because of the Salary Formula and our internal standard. It’s important to mention that if someone deserves a higher salary (according to our standard and SF), this is what he or she will be offered.

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