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Avoiding Design Debt — The Compound Effect of Good Design

UX webinar with Michał Mazur, Design Team Lead at EL Passion

In simple terms, design debt is all the good design concepts you skip in order to reach short-term goals for your product. Oftentimes, they come back at you with twice as much power and cost you users, conversions, and revenue. 

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  • how design debt can influence your product's perception on the market, on real-life examples,
  • how to use design best practises not to dwell on the short-term perspective for your product,
  • how to manage design debt effectively and in clear-cut steps.

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How to limit your product’s design debt

Get to know how to utilize design best practises to your product tangible benefit and managing your product roadmap.

How a Design System streamlines all product operations

Discover how a Design System goes a long way and cuts you costs in development.

How small fixes spotted early on can improve your conversions and revenue

Listen to real-life use cases on design debt management & how small fixes improve your overall product performance.

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