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Android Component

wp player android component project

The Client

WP is one of the largest Central European web portals and one of the leaders in offering new services on the market. When Wirtualna Polska got a licence from the National Broadcasting it clearly defined its commitment to video production. The lifestyle of their users requires the materials to be accessible from any mobile device, putting the stability and availability in the first place. The project with which EL Passion was involved in is probably the biggest mobile project of this type in Poland, as well as in Central Europe.

The Challenge with the WP Player Component

The biggest challenge was to build a highly configurable component capable of working in various conditions, with different types of screens and devices, showing ads with multiple ad networks.


Building a component

The team utilised the best practices to the maximum. We covered the code with extensive test suite (almost 100% code coverage) and built a demo app for user testing. Our Android team prepared a very minimalistic documentation, as tests and example app served as a great reference themselves. Now the component is being used in a wide range of the WP Group applications, resulting in millions of installs working seamlessly without one crash since day 1.

Gabor_Wnuk_WP GABOR WNUK Mobile Tech Lead The team workflow is phenomenal. After a short introduction into the business aspect and the presentation of the technical capabilities of our services, the very next day we were presented with a business backlog. Moreover, continuous integration was configured and skeletons of the project were ready. Thanks to the continual communication and partnership relations with the team we were able to avoid a situation in which it would be necessary to prepare thousands of pages of documentation. Instead, we were able to focus on the product rather than the paperwork.