Q Avenue

iOS app | frontend | backend | UI&UX design

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The Client

Q Avenue provides m-commerce services for Qatari clients. It brings luxurious clothing brands using convenient express delivery, in the city, within 2 hours of ordering.

The Challenge

Q Avenue required us to lead the whole product development process, with minimal involvement from their side. They wanted to achieve a premium m-commerce experience for their users in Qatar, by providing a streamlined user experience for both browsing and purchasing products. The EL Passion team had to design and develop iOS and back-office apps to serve both customers and Q Avenue with the necessary tools to start the platform.

Section 1

EL Passion

With the use of Swift, our team designed and developed the iOS application as a custom m-commerce project, with product ownership on our side. To create maximum value in this challenging project both design and development teams worked closely.

The solutions were rigorously tested with users and iterated on in each sprint. What was unusual for this project was that we built all of the core m-commerce features from scratch, for example, but not limited to: browsing experience,product details screen and checkout.

Section 2

We used GraphQL what helped us to cut down costs of API creation because we already had autogenerating documentation based on a defined schema. Moreover, it allowed us to reuse defined types and interfaces for back-office API.

There was a lot of complex business logic which we wrapped with dry-transactions to keep the code clean and simple. With the TDD (Test Driven Development) approach, we were able to eliminate most of the bugs during the development stage. For payments, we integrated with PayPal and Simplify Commerce to make it easier for customers to pay with credit card.

Section 3

We also designed and built a custom back-office system for the client to manage products, categories, promotions and orders. The system was customised to specific client needs, based on information about how they wanted to manage shipping and pricing.

The Outcome

As a result of this cooperation, we created a fully working iOS application for the users to browse and purchase items. We provided our client with a working web-based back-office system, designed for maximum efficiency in managing their operations.

The application allowed Q Avenue to gather more funds to start their business and take over the Qatari premium fashion market, which is currently dominated by substandard user experiences.