UX & UI design

cobo design

The Client

Cobo Wallet is the feature-rich and one the most secure POS wallet, offering first-to-market financial products that empower users to accrue interest and dividends from their crypto holdings.

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The Challenge with Cobo Project

Previous website design was outdated and incoherent with the mobile app and the company's mission to deliver clear and easy to use tool for storing and using cryptocurrencies.

New Design by EL Passion

EL Passion designers created responsive up-to-date website design corresponding with the company’s mission and cryptocurrencies market. Getting right to the point, clear design enabled the customer to easily find all the information needed about Cobo Wallet. The unified design was inspired by the mobile app and the main goal to be in line with the company’s transparency.

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We used responsive design to make sure all the users can access the website and get needed information. Clear and simple graphics made it easier to navigate through the page and underlined the trust company wants to establish with customers.

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The Outcome

We created a design for a responsive website for the company to develop. Over 20 subpages were designed to meet the requirements of the client, current trends and to facilitate the company’s mission.