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The Client

Cobalt is the new way of doing application security. It’s a service that leverages a global intelligent community of security researchers to help modern SaaS organizations uncover security vulnerabilities. They run agile pen tests and curate bug bounty programs.


The Challenge

In the early days, Cobalt's name was Crowdcurity. They had a working MVP and they were gathering traction. They went through acceleration and were at the stage of gathering investments, so their resources were limited at that point.

They approached us with a challenge. They needed to move from the MVP phase to the product phase fast.

Fast Cycles

Our close collaboration made it possible to move forward with the project on a daily basis.

From an MVP to the product within days

With limited resources, we knew that we could only afford 20% work to generate 80% improvement. We knew we had to show the results fast. And we did!

The evolution of the product

From an MVP, through a developing product, to a mature company. Our team understands that working on the different phases of a product varies a lot. Now Cobalt offers its services all around the world.

Jacob_Hansen_Cobalt Jacob Hansen CEO EL Passion is a great team to work with. They are professional, reliable and very focused on delivering the business value. They are simply passionate about getting stuff done. This mindset allowed us to launch the complete product with just a couple of months of development and contributed to our market success.