Mobility House

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Mobility House

The Client

The client is Mobility House, a Munich-based renewable energy company. Their approach within the world of smart energy is to realise e-mobility by emphasizing the individual mobility fuelled by energy from regenerative resources. Companies and individuals can easily enter the area of electric mobility in a safe, sustainable and affordable way, thereby walking away from the fossil fuel consuming solutions from the past.

Mobility House scheme

The Challenge

The Mobility House was looking for a local software agency that would develop a Ruby on Rails application. They needed both frontend and backend development for their complex order management system. Our challenge was to organize the ordering process and turn it in into a well-structured system.

Order Management System

To fulfil the complex requirements we created a system that visualises the whole process and, at the same time, allows to setup and configure from scratch.

Mobility House Kanban
To help design the complex system we used Kanban Board
Andreas Lahr Andreas Lahr Head of IT We had been able to deliver our three project releases without a single day of delay. The company's name says it all. We could see, feel and enjoy the passion of this team contributing to our success story.