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The Client

Aspireboard is a platform that designers use to collect and organise inspirations by taking snapshots and grouping them on dashboards. All of the shots and collections are in stored in the cloud and accessible across all devices: Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

Aspireboard screens

The Challenge

As the service is accessible on all devices, it was crucial to deliver outstanding user experience for all of them. Another challenge we had to face was to design functional and beautiful dashboards that stored large amounts of data. Especially that Aspireboard’s users are the designers themselves.

Aspireboard screen 1
Aspire Board web app
Aspireboard screen 2
A native OS X app ensures the best experience

EL Passion

On top of the Ruby on Rails backend we created an AngularJS frontend application. It supports live page changes and integrates with Rails’ CRUD-style controllers. We used Masonry and Mousetrap libraries to create the best user experience. Our team decided to develop native apps covering the most popular devices. We also created an Aspireboard OS X client application for MacBooks and iMacs.

When it comes to usability we focused our attention on readable graphic elements: graphs, charts and pictograms. We used a flat design style because it works best for presentation of data. Due to the large amount of data presented, the interface uses the entire screen surface. It also adapts to various resolutions. We highlighted the use of the most important elements by introducing different shades of red.

Desktop and WEB app workflow